Bulletproof Everyone – Bulletproof Camouflage Hunting Jackets

Tacoma, WA: Bulletproof Everyone, a premium body armor clothing manufacturer, has added a line of camouflage clothing items geared towards hunters yet still comfortable enough for daily wear. 

If you’re a hunter and have been looking for a ballistic option to add to your gear, but haven’t been able to find one that has a balance of form and function, look no further than Bulletproof Everyone’s new outdoor line! 

The Huntsman Softshell and the Pathfinder Hoodie feature the company’s custom armor panel system which allows for full range of motion with up to 10% more coverage than traditional armor vests.

Each ballistic panel has been rigorously tested for compliance with NIJ standards both in house and by Oregon Ballistics Laboratory, one of only four authorized testing facilities in the United States. All panels are also proudly made with DuPont Kevlar and SAATI aramid to provide the best protection.

The Huntsman Softshell is available in IIA and IIIA protection for $349 and $399 respectively. The Pathfinder Hoodie, which is IIA rated exclusively, weighs in at approximately 3.5 pounds and is priced at $349. 

Order your Huntsman or Pathfinder: www.Bulletproofeveryone.com
About Bulletproof Everyone: Bulletproof Everyone is a ballistic clothing manufacturer based in Tacoma, Washington that focuses on affordable, discrete soft armor. We can be found on social media @bulletproofeveryone, facebook.com/bulletproofeveryone and bulletproofeveryone.com.