BullPup9 Offers the Ultimate in Concealed Carry Performance

For self-defense practitioners seeking the perfect blend of custom performance and compact carrying capability, this unique semi-auto design is ideal.

Granbury, TX (April 2, 2019) -When it comes to choosing a concealed carry handgun, there are many factors to consider – for one, reliability.  If a gun is not reliable, then it is not worth carrying. Second, would be accuracy and power. If a firearm is lacking in either aspect, can one really trust it with his or her life?  The third key consideration is comfort. Handguns that are not comfortable to carry will most likely be left behind in the safe. Lastly is style. Let’s face it, we all like our guns to be rugged and robust tools, but we also want to have firearms worthy to be shown off to our friends.  If any of these factors is not met, then the chosen firearm has failed its intended purpose. The Bond Arms’ Bullpup9 meets the criteria for all of these categories.

The Bullpup9 is extremely reliable. The reverse-feed, Bullpup design extracts the rounds out of the rear of the magazine so that the round is constantly controlled as it is fed into the breech.  When compared to other compact carry guns, the Bullpup’s reverse-feed design allows for a longer barrel and a similar frame size, which leads to the next set of criteria.

Perhaps the most important benchmark for any conceal-carry firearm is accuracy and power.  With a rotating 3.35-inch barrel and locking-breech design that incorporates a three-lug lockup into the slide, the Bullpup is among the most accurate micro 9mm handguns produced today.  This design also lends itself to increasing the power of the handgun by allowing the chamber to be closed for a longer period of time. That additional time creates extended burn times, which produce the highest consistent velocities possible in a 9mm of its size.

When it comes to comfort, the Bullpup9 has you covered.  With an all aluminum, CNC-machined frame, the Bullpup9 weighs in at just 18.5 oz. With an overall footprint of 5.1 inches long, 4.2 inches tall, and only .96 of an inch thick, the Bullpup is ideal for any conceal-carry application.  

Lastly, is the issue of style. Sporting a matte-black anodized frame, satin stainless-steel slide, and signature Bond Arms engraved rosewood grips; the Bullpup9 is a firearm that is sure to draw attention.


  • Chambered for 9mm Luger
  • 7075 aircraft aluminum frame
  • Stainless steel slide and barrel
  • Signature Bond Arms engraved rosewood grips
  • Two magazines
  • Dovetail drift-adjustable, non-illuminated 3-dot sights
  • Double-action trigger
  • Trigger pull weight: 6.5 pounds
  • 3.35-inch barrel
  • 5.1 inches long
  • 4.2-inches tall
  • .96 inches wide
  • 17.5 ounces
  • 7+1 ammo capacity
  • MSRP: $1,099

BOND ARMS, INC. is located in Granbury, Texas and manufactures the award-winning¬†Bond Arms Derringer¬†– the finest in double barrel protection. Originally organized under the name Texas Armory, the company became incorporated as Bond Arms in 1995 with the idea that the Remington Model 95 over-under, single-action derringer could be converted from an Old West anachronism into a modern & reliable handgun. The barrel and frame were redesigned to safely fire modern calibers & the entire handgun is constructed entirely from stainless steel. This makes for a pistol that’s both strong and durable.

For more information, please visit www.bondarms.com