Burris Optics Offers $100 Gift Card With Purchase Of Oracle Bow Sight

GREELEY, Colo. (August 4, 2019) – Bow hunters looking to upgrade to the most advanced bow sight on the planet will receive a $100 gift card with the purchase of a Burris Oracle Bow Sight from an authorized Burris dealer. The promotion runs through September 31 and the gift card can be used towards the purchase of anything on the Burris website. 

The Oracle was designed for bow hunters who understand the importance of minimal movement and properly ranging targets when mere seconds and feet count. The Oracle eliminates aiming between pins by instantly calculating and displaying the exact aiming point for any distance and shot angle.

A laser activation button mounts to the riser for quick, convenient access while a quick push of the button activates the built-in IR laser rangefinder. Within seconds, the range to the target is shown along with an illuminated pin for the exact drop and angle-compensated aim point.  

Illuminated aiming pins are displayed on a vertical LED trajectory bar running through the entire midsection of the sight. The bar also displays a fixed 20-yard pin for a constant reference point when ranging targets. If the ranging is unsuccessful, the sight will display standard dots in 10-yard increments starting with the 20-yard pin.

The Oracle will learn the trajectory or drop for two different arrow configurations and will accommodate up to 176 inches of drop at 100 yards. Most bow set-ups will be able to achieve 80-110 yards depending on bow speed and arrow weight.

A durable all aluminum, water resistant housing ensures reliable performance in the field. The Oracle features a glassless sight window to prevent glare, fog or debris from blocking the target. Locking micro adjustment knobs allow for quick and precise tuning while preventing accidental tampering in the field. Second and third axis adjustments allow for extreme fine-tuning. 

An optional rear peep system eliminates the need for a string mounted peep sight and improves shot accuracy and consistency by helping the shooter properly torque the grip. 

The Oracle bow sight automatically detects when the sight is mounted for a left-handed bow and reverses the LED readout. Additionally one CR123 battery will power the sight for approximately 1,000-2,000 cycles. 


All aluminum construction 

Weight: 17 oz.

Locking micro adjustment knobs

2nd and 3rd axis adjustments 

Right and left-handed compatible

Up to 176 MOA (inches of drop) at 100 yards

20-yard fixed pin

Visible Laser (removable) Output: <5mW, Class IIIa, Wavelength: 630 to 660nm

Infrared Laser Output: <25W peak power, IR Class 1, eye safe, Wavelength: 905nm

Operating temperature -10 to 140F

CR123 battery

MSRP: $829.99

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About Burris 

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