Carolyn Hines Memorial Scholarship Program

By Lindsay Roberts, CMP Marketing Specialist

CMP CEO Judy Legerski is saddened to announce that Dr. Carolyn C.W. Hines passed away in early December. Secretary of the Army Togo West appointed Dr. Hines to the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Board of Directors in 1996 as one of the “original” board members of the “new CMP”.  During her twenty-three-year tenure on the board, Dr. Hines was instrumental in the Corporation’s early decision to budget for significant scholarship awards to young shooters. Under her leadership of the Scholarship Committee the CMP’s financial allocation rose to $160,000.  Dr. Hines’ passion and advocacy for youth was immeasurable. In recent years she led the critically important Programs Committee of the Board.

“The energy, creativity, and enthusiasm that Dr. Hines brought to the Board of Directors will be sorely missed by all those involved with the CMP.  To honor her memory and her passion for youth shooting sports the CMP has named its Scholarship Program the “Carolyn Hines Memorial Scholarship Program” and added an additional individual scholarship in the amount of $5000 to be awarded to the graduating senior who best exemplifies Dr. Hines’ ideals.

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