Mark Steck Trapper Interview

Tell us about who you are: I am Mark Steck with Dakotaline Snares was established in 2001, is based out of Lennox, South Dakota and primarily focuses on snares and trapping supplies. We sell snares, books, videos, traps and a multitude of items related to trapping. How did you first get into trapping and who… Continue reading Mark Steck Trapper Interview

Nicolaas Els, What Really Matters

Being a Professional Hunter, I get to experience nature in all his glory. Anything from open plains roaming with Impala, Giraffe, Zebra and Wildebeest to Kudu infested valleys down to Springhare and Scrubhare during the cold winter nights. I’ve been privileged to be able to meet many different people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.… Continue reading Nicolaas Els, What Really Matters

Jeff and Katherine Fuller SportingDog Adventures

  SportingDog Adventures is committed to being family-oriented. We want to get the whole family excited and involved in the outdoors, whether you have two legs or four, male or female, young or young-at-heart. Our shows include a youth segment, designed to inspire and motivate adults to pass on their love of the outdoors. We… Continue reading Jeff and Katherine Fuller SportingDog Adventures