Cauldryn® Brings the Barista to You with Innovative Modular Travel Mug

CHARLES, MO. (June 21, 2018) — Cauldryn®, the company behind the first travel mug to boil water from a rechargeable battery, announces their latest innovation, the Cauldryn® Coffee, which has some calling it ‘the Swiss army knife of travel mugs’.

The Cauldryn® Coffee, a 16 oz. vacuum sealed modular travel mug that allows coffee drinkers to actually grind and percolate coffee right in the Cauldyn® Coffee, also allows coffee and tea drinkers the ability to maintain liquid temperatures for up to 10 hours. The Cauldryn® Coffee includes an LCD screen that adjusts temperatures within a single degree from room temperature to boiling (78°-212°F). Key features include Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone accessibility, and attachable accessories that include a percolator, blender, lantern, and Bluetooth speaker.

“These features open up a range of new possibilities for coffee lovers on the go to skip the cafe and become their own barista before even leaving the house,” said Jason Shinn, Managing Partner at Number 6 Brands, the parent company of Cauldryn®.

Retailing at $129.99, the Cauldryn® Coffee will work in harmony with such Bluetooth connected add-ons as a percolator, blender, and lantern. The Cauldryn® Coffee will launch to consumers online and in stores in July of 2018.

Available add-on accessories include:

  • Percolator that brews up to two cups of coffee(16 oz) directly into your mug
  • Blender base with one speed (On/Off) for blending beverages and crushing ice, as well as a pulse function that can grind coffee beans
  • Lantern with integrated bug zapper that includes multiple brightness settings
  • Bluetooth Speaker Base providing a woofer base structure with four speakers pointing out from around the unit

About Cauldryn®

Cauldryn® will forever change the way you consume hot beverages. Using its revolutionary Fyre® heating element, you now have the power to boil or brew liquids and maintain your favorite temperature all day with just the click of a button. The rechargeable battery is the only power you need to bring 32° F, liquid water to boil. With Cauldryn®, a boil is just a click away. To learn more and to be added to our mailing list please visit

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