Celebrate the Holidays and a Safe Hunting Season with The Most Packable Climbing Sticks on the Market

Celebrate the Holidays and a Safe Hunting Season with The Most Packable Climbing Sticks on the Market

Grand River, IA (November XX, 2018) – The holiday season is easy for hunters and hunting families. We are either finishing up our fall hunts or just getting started with late season deer hunts. It’s time to celebrate and enjoy harvest from the field that may never even hit the freezer.

The overlap is especially great when fresh backstrap is wrapped in bacon for appetizers and the table is topped with a wild turkey. Gift buying is also easy because hunting season is fresh and we are always thinking about improving our gear and game. The only difficult decisions are figuring out what gear is ready for an upgrade.

Hunters typically have a lot of gear, so pay close attention to what they are taking into the field. Every tree-stand hunter has a few critical accessories. They have a safety harness that must be maintained to keep them strapped to the tree. This harness is a life saver and will catch them in the case of a fall. Additionally, they have to  use something to reach their stands. They may use a full-sized ladder, screw-in steps or climbing sticks. Regardless, they have yet to experience the most packable and most stable climbing system available.

Not only will they be safer on late season hunts, they will have a lighter load to carry into the field. Stacked Outdoors ladder sticks stack like red solo cups and only weigh 2.35 pounds per stick. The one piece polymer construction eliminates nuts, bolts and other moving parts that are prone to failure. If your friend, significant other or family members are spending any time in treestands, the Stacked Outdoors climbing sticks will make the perfect gift this Christmas.

Stacked Outdoors has revolutionized the climbing stick market with a model that is more packable and more stable than any other option available. If you think your hunter has everything, they don’t have a set of Stacked ladder sticks. Grab a full set of 4 so they get up and down the tree easily and safely for many hunting seasons to come. They will be thrilled when they see a pair is waiting under the Christmas tree.


  • Longer tree straps than our competitors
  • Tree straps include large hand loop for easier grip and tightening
  • Bigger Surface Area with Aggressive Tread Design for your Boots
  • No Assembly or Moving Parts that can Fail or Break
  • Solid One-Piece Design
  • Stack together like red solo cups
  • Dual Strap Post Design for added Stability
  • Heavy Duty Polyester Straps
  • Shoulder Strap Included


  • Weight: 2.35 lbs per stick and 9.4 lbs per set of 4 without straps
  • 300 lb load capacity
  • Ladder Stick Length: 21″
  • Distance Between Steps: 17.25″
  • Introductory Pricing: Single Stick – $48.99 or Stack of 4 – $179.99

After 20 years in a treestand, Stacked Outdoors founder Brad recognized a need for a more packable and safer set of climbing sticks. After a friend fell off of an inadequately designed ladderstick from an “industry leader” Brad set out to build a safer model. The result was not only a safer set of climbing sticks but a lightweight, more durable, more stable, and the most packable set of climbing sticks on the market. Stacked Outdoors has changed the ladder stick market completely. Use Stacked Outdoors ladder sticks if you want to be more mobile in the field and safer in the tree.

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