CenterPoint Archery Wrath™ 430 Crossbow Now Available

As the 2021 big game hunting season begins to ramp up,  CenterPoint Archery recently announced the NEW Wrath™ 430 is now available for crossbow enthusiasts

The Wrath 430 provides a bullpup design, allowing the arrow to sit behind the trigger in order to gain more power, speed of up to 430 feet-per-second, and 164 foot-pounds of energy all within the smallest crossbow in CenterPoint’s lineup.

CenterPoint offers advanced technology and high-performance features whether it’s the rail-mounted string stops to eliminate vibration and reduce unwanted noise; folding stirrups that can be easily used as a bi-pod or stand; or oversized finger guards and their anti dry fire trigger for shooter safety.

“Our new Wrath 430 is truly ideal for hunters in close-quarters and allows the shooter easier mobility when needing to make quick and quiet adjustments while in pursuit of the game they’re chasing,” said Kevin Casey, CenterPoint Archery’s Product Manager.

During the 2021 turkey season, roughneck rocker Tim Montana and country music artist Michael Ray were able to get a first-hand look at the new Wrath 430. Check out which artist provided food on the table with the new crossbow, and which artist went home empty handed in this video.

“The Wrath 430 provides all-around unbelievable technology,” Montana said. “CenterPoint knocked it out of the park with this crossbow. I’m telling  you…this thing is mean!”

Additional features of the Wrath 430 include:

  • 13” wide un-cocked or 9” ready to fire
  • Under 28.26” long
  • 4x32mm illuminated scope
  • Three 20” 400-grain carbon arrows with field points
  • Detachable quiver
  • Rope cocking sled 
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • MSRP = $649.99

To purchase the Wrath 430 and learn about all of CenterPoint Archery’s products, visit

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