Challenge the Dominant Bucks with Young Buck Burst

Challenge the Dominant Bucks with Young Buck Burst

Young Buck Burst™ challenges the dominance of mature bucks in an aerosol can

Grand Prairie, TX (May 21, 2019) – Nothing gets mature bucks riled up more than an intruder into their territory. Bucks become extremely territorial during the pre-rut and rut phase of the season. During this aggressive period, they spend a lot of their time making rub lines and scrapes marking and patrolling their areas to keep out intruders in an attempt to keep all of the does to themselves. By introducing the threat of an intruder with Young Buck Burst™ by Wildgame Innovations®, you can often draw the attention of the mature, dominant buck to your hunting area.

Young Buck Burst™ by Wildgame Innovations® does just what it is supposed to do. Containing 100% young buck urine, the aerosol can allows the user to precisely “burst” into the air a mist that will travel great distances to get the attention of mature bucks patrolling their area.

The Young Buck Burst™ precise spray can allow the user to direct the spray exactly where he or she wants, keeping it off of skin and gear. With up to 100 bursts per can, it can be used throughout your hunt to keep the air saturated with the challenging scent of a young buck in the area. The scent can be effective all season long but is best during the pre-rut and rut phase when bucks are chasing does and chasing off challengers to their territory. Young Buck Burst™ is a must-have for those long sits during the peak of the rut.

Whether you are hunting scrapes or rub lines, introducing a new buck to the area often has better results than doe scents. All trophy hunters know that big bucks don’t get big by making a lot of mistakes. But the Young Buck Burst™ is made with 100% young buck urine and creates the illusion of an intruder. One mistake is enough for dedicated hunters and by using the Young Buck Burst, you put the odds in your favor that his mistake will happen with a burst.

Young Buck Burst™ Features:

  • Up to 100 Bursts per can
  • Precise spray prevents a mess on skin or gear
  • Effective all season long – especially pre-rut and rut
  • Brings in dominant bucks
  • Long-range scent vapor trail
  • Pressurized at the peak of freshness
  • 100% pure young buck urine
  • Easy-to-use aerosol can
  • Quiet spray nozzle
  • MSRP: $9.99

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