Chestnut Hill Outdoors – Dunstan Chestnut Trees Have Arrived to Select Walmart Store Now!

Dunstan Chestnut, and Persimmon trees have arrived in selected Walmart Stores now in the following states: AR,KS, KY, MD, MO, NC, NJ, OK, TN, VA, WV.

Open the link below for Walmart store locations:

Walmart Store Link

Each Walmart store will be receiving 3 Oriental persimmons & 2 Deer Candy grafted female persimmon trees. Deer love all persimmons – and Oriental persimmons are delicious for people as well!

Trees will also be arriving in Co-Op Feed Stores (CT, MD, NJ, NY, PA) by May 21st.

** Note the Co-Op Feed Stores will receive Dunstan Chestnuts, Deer Candy, Deer Magnet grafted female American persimmons & wildlife pear trees.

Open link below for Co-Op Feed Dealer store locations:

Co-Op Feed Dealer Link

Northern States can expect to see shipments to select Walmart stores in states to include: CT, IA, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, NH, NY, OH, PA, RI, WI, by Memorial Day!

Stores are due to receive 3 gallon (2yr old) & 7 gallon (3yr old) Dunstan chestnut trees.

Link for Growing and planting information

This is a one-time shipment to these stores for this season. Call the nearest store on the list to reserve trees and get there early-they will go FAST!

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