Chestnut Hill Weed Control

One of the key advantages mast orchards have over food plots is that once established, they require far less effort. Maximizing the growth potential of your trees does require occasional regular maintenance, particularly in the early stages of growth. That maintenance includes reducing competition.

Grass and weeds are the biggest competitors of young trees, stealing water and soil nutrients away from your new plantings. That’s why you should establish and maintain a 2 – 3 foot circle clear of weeds around the base of each tree. You can begin simply by physically removing grass and weeds down to the bare soil. Next, add mulch or mats within the weedless circle. This moderates soil temperature extremes, improves soil moisture retention and retards subsequent weed growth.

Herbicides are even more effective but require extra care as they can be absorbed by the trees you’re trying to protect directly through the bark. If you use herbicides like Round-Up, Chestnut Hill Outdoors recommends you apply them only when there is no wind, that you use a colored dye mixed in the herbicide so you can see it being applied and that you us a shield or hood on the sprayer wand to better control where it is being applied.

Another option is to use grow tubes. In addition to preventing herbicide contact, the tubes trap and hold even more moisture, raising relative humidity and ambient temperature inside the tube They also protect trees from animals like small mammals that may chew the bark, or deer that may rub the bark with their antlers. Tubes also protect trees from insect pests and wind desiccation.

If site conditions allow, you can also reduce weed competition outside the 2-3 foot circle by herbicide spraying, mowing and if properly done, controlled burning.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors is more than just a nursery. In order to ensure you get the maximum benefit from their products, they also provide sound advice and instruction on proper planting and care. For more on Chestnut Hill Outdoors products and how to care for them, visit, or call (855) 386-7826

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