Clenzoil Announces ABKT Gun Care Product Line Acquisition at SHOT Show 2019

Clenzoil Announces ABKT Gun Care Product Line Acquisition at SHOT Show 2019

(Tampa, FL) Clenzoil, the leading and most trusted manufacturer of cleaning and maintenance products for the firearms and marine industries since 1948 is proud to announce the company’s acquisition of American Buffalo Knife and Tool’s line of Gun Care products.

With their large brand presence and their capacity and desire to increase their gun care line, the acquisition of American Buffalo Knife and Tool’s will help continue Clenzoil’s push to become one of the current gun care greats. Both ABKT and Clenzoil’s lines shared extreme similarities, therefore Clenzoil started the conversation to consolidate and take the Clenzoil brand and extend it to the ABKT customer base.

“This purchase puts Clenzoil in a very good position within the gun cleaning sector of the industry,” says Clenzoil President, Chris Hoffman. “Through the acquisition of ABKT’s Gun Care product line, we’ve been able to expand our customer base and offer a larger variety of products to our customers.”

American Buffalo Knife and Tool is a knife and multi-tool company known for their quality products at a fair price. David Mchan, President and Founder of ABKT said of the acquisition, “ABKT is thrilled with the direction that Clenzoil has taken with the gun cleaning line and look forward to supplying them as they continue to grow. Like ABKT, Clenzoil is a company that focuses on hard work and quality products. ABKT is happy and pleased to be able to work with a company of their caliber.”

To place an order with Clenzoil, please contact a Clenzoil rep in your area:
Southeast/Northeast:Outdoor Marketing Alliance – 205.478.6231
Midwest/TALO/West:Tim Bailey & Associates – 818.993.3141

Or contact CEO, Chris Hoffman at or call 813.662.6454. For more information, please visit

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