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CMP Adds Pistol 2600 League and Other Achievement Levels for Ambitious Competitors to Attain

CMP Adds Pistol 2600 League and Other Achievement Levels for Ambitious Competitors to Attain

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer

To provide more challenges for driven competitors and to create a place to permanently celebrate their talents, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has introduced the Pistol 2600 League – designed to recognize those competitors who have shot a score of 2600 or better in the Match Gun category of a CMP Sanctioned event.

The League will begin with those competitors who earn the score any time in 2020. Currently, there are 13 members.

“Shooting 2600 can be a life goal for some shooters – just as making the President’s 100 or going Distinguished,” said Jim Henderson, CMP pistol coordinator.

Henderson can appreciate the work it takes to earn a coveted Distinguished Pistol Badge (securing his own in 1989) as well as what it’s like to win the President’s Pistol competition, which is one of the most prestigious events held at the annual Camp Perry National Matches. As a retired member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (having served for over 30 years), he’s a nine-time winner of the President’s Pistol Match and is the current National Record holder of the event.

It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about pistol competition.

“I know, for me, when I shot 2600 for the first time, I initially thought it was awesome! Then the competitive side of me spoke up, and that little voice in my head said, ‘You dropped 100 points. Get back to work,’” he reminisced.

He went on, “I think shooting 2600 is that fork in the road for a lot of competitors. They make the decision to continue to treat pistol as a hobby or get down to business and make some progression in their skills.”

Along with the 2600 group, the Pistol League also acknowledges the 2650 Elite and the 2670 Champion categories for those competitors who continue to cultivate their skills and successes.

Competitors must fire in a CMP Sanctioned event to be considered for the League.

Henderson gives advice to individuals looking to maximize their pistol talents, alluding that shooting 2650 is the plateau where a lot of good competitors peek. He suggests achieving the score is a great place to take the time to step back and look at getting some quality coaching and testing equipment. He also recommends 2650-level marksmen start coaching younger shooters to help solidify the ground rules in the Elite-level competitor.

However, Henderson warns…

“The work it takes to go from 2600 to 2650 is nothing compared to what it takes to go from 2650 to 2670,” he said. “To put it another way, there are probably several hundred 2650 shooters in the history of the sport. When I broke 2670 for the first time (in 1992), I was number 13 on the list. I think there are 25 or so on the list now.”

Earning a score of 2670 is a Champion-level accomplishment because it means an individual is averaging a score of 890 per 900 aggregate.

“That’s a fine place to be in your shooting for sure!” Henderson jokes. “At this level, shooting becomes very cerebral, and maintaining your positivity is the best tool in your toolbox.”

He says reaching the Champion level is both fulfilling and a trap as competitors then believe they will never shoot lower than that again – it’s where expectations begin to take over. But, within the superior role comes a greater appreciation for the sport.

“Like learning how to walk, we take it for granted until we trip or can’t walk for whatever reason,” Henderson said. “I know for myself, once I shot 2670, I held my shooting to a higher standard. I appreciated every shot I GOT TO TAKE! I listened to every Champion I could talk to. I absorbed every bit of information and chewed it over until I found what worked for me.”

Already attaining a major feat by reaching the first step toward that Champion level, here is the current list of CMP Pistol 2600 League members:

  • Odie Hitt, 2605-86X, January 2020
  • Daniel Miller, 2604-100X, March 2020
  • CWO Jordan Kramp USMC. 2608-100X, June 2020
  • Philip Hemphill, 2634-133X, July 2020
  • PFC Jason Gregoire USA, 2630-123X, July 2020
  • Travis Jorgenson, 2629-105X, July 2020
  • SSG Carl Clegg USA, 2618-128X, July 2020
  • SSG Joshua Kingery USA, 2614-107X, July 2020
  • Christopher Roberts, 2608-101X, July 2020
  • David Lange, 2606-100X, July 2020
  • SFC Sean Watson USA, 2603-92X, July 2020
  • 2LT Lisa Emmert ARNG, 2602-95X, July 2020
  • Paul Valintakonis, 2602-93X, July 2020

Henderson welcomes all marksmen willing to take their careers to the next level, saying, “We encourage pistol competitors to compete, practice and earn their name on the list.”

Here are the current Pistol 2600 members.

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