CMP Club News: Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club Hosts CMP Pistol Home Range Series Event

Submitted by the Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club (BRRC)

On Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020, the Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club (BRRC) in Los Angeles, California, hosted a Pistol 2700 Match – offered through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Home Range Appreciation Series of sanctioned rifle and pistol events.

The BRRC’s Pistol 2700 welcomed Service Pistol, .22 Rimfire Pistol and Match Pistol competitors, producing a level of competition the modest club’s pistol events haven’t reached in nearly half a century.

“The BRRC hasn’t run a bullseye pistol match of this magnitude in all my 48-plus years as a member, but we pulled it off,” said Wayne Fenner of BRRC. 

“We got very positive feedback. We had 16 shooters, although not all elected to shoot the full course,” Fenner added. “One of the very positive things was the number of new or inexperienced shooters who showed up to shoot.” 

Since 1926, the BRRC has served as a non-profit sports organization dedicated to the furtherance of the skills and responsibilities of marksmanship competition. The club regularly holds a variety of clinics and competitions throughout the year. Learn more by visiting the BRRC website at

The BRRC offers a variety of marksmanship events all year long.

About the CMP Home Range Appreciation Series:

To fill the void of the unfortunate withdrawal of the 2020 National Matches from the annual schedule, the CMP prepared a solution that will allow competitive marksmen the opportunity to compete with one another during the summer months, from the comfort of their local ranges. View results at

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The BRRC facility is located within the unique landscaping of Los Angeles, California.