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CMP Recognizes State Directors for Service to Youth Marksmanship

CMP Recognizes State Directors for Service to Youth Marksmanship

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) State Directors are the attentive influencers of youth marksmanship programs in each of the 50 states. Their mission is to provide leadership, resources, program information, coordination, networking and publicity to juniors and their supporters as well as to serve as a local connection to the CMP and its opportunities.

Though all acting State Directors share a love of marksmanship and a commitment to safety, some have devoted a significant portion of their lives to the cultivation and expansion of the sport – coming back year after year to continue their work.

Here, the CMP acknowledges and sincerely thanks the following State Directors who have reached notable years of service to the junior community:

5+ Years:

  • Andrea Miller, Maryland
  • Christopher Deming, Kentucky
  • Joseph Mueller, California
  • Lisa Kelley, Georgia
  • Yuji Hata, Hawaii
  • Gregg and Diane Rice, Indiana
  • Harry Flynn, North Carolina

10+ Years:

  • Randy Shikashio, Idaho
  • Steve Knutson, Minnesota
  • Jennifer Canfield Schmitt, New York
  • Robert Tyler, Sr., Colorado
  • Terrence Pitts, Florida
  • Tim Morrissey, Kansas
  • Thomas Monto, Michigan

15+ Years:

  • Bruce Bowler, Alaska
  • Jonathon and Barbara Shew, Oregon

20+ Years:

  • James and Virginia McLemore, New Mexico
  • Russell and Vickie Evans, Ohio
  • Paul Davis, South Carolina
  • Arnold Vitarbo, Utah
  • Richard Whiting, West Virginia
  • Dudley Irvine, Wyoming
  • Tina and Raymond Odle, Illinois
  • John Leinberger, Missouri

In order to maintain a positive connection to each of the State Directors and to preserve their foundations with one another during COVID, CMP has coordinated virtual meetings. CMP staff members and State Directors continue to discuss ongoing efforts and prospective new offerings for their state programs in the coming year.

Find out more about each CMP State Director by visiting the CMP website at Feel free to contact your State Director at any time with questions, comments or concerns.

NOTE: State Director positions remain open for Tennessee and Delaware. Those interested in filling these positions may contact Lue Sherman at

— Ashley Brugnone, CMP Staff Writer

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearm safety and marksmanship training and to the promotion of marksmanship competition for citizens of the United States. For more information about the CMP and its programs, log onto

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