CMP Sponsor Feature: Crosman

Crosman, a manufacturer and supplier of shooting sport products, was founded in 1923 and is America’s first air-powered armory. The company’s main goals aim to embrace, empower and excite the modern marksman and find new audiences to take from passive appreciation to active participation.

For over 20 years, Crosman has been a key partner in supporting the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Through its highly successful EASY program (,  which allows qualified instructional groups to purchase products at discounted pricing directly from the manufacturer in order to stay competitive in their respective sports. Crosman remains a vital advocate to the future of marksmanship activities.

Learn a little more about Crosman and their upcoming products from Velocity Outdoor’s marketing retail specialist, Jennifer Popham.

Crosman offers a variety of marksmanship needs, such as firearms, ammunition and accessories.

What is Crosman’s legacy?

“Crosman is extremely proud to offer the Challenger sporter class air rifle that many of the top programs are using to compete with. Crosman met with top instructors in the country and designed the best sporter class air rifle with features that include a floating Lothar Walther barrel, ambidextrous bolt handle and a 2,000-psi air reservoir.

The current Challenger came to life in 2009 and has been winning championships and setting records ever since. In fact, I don’t think it would be a far stretch to say that ‘if you want to be competitive, then you need the best equipment, and the Challenger fits that bill.’  

It’s really nice to know that in some small way, the Challenger has helped many competitors and programs set new records.”

One of its most recognizable products is the Challenger air rifle, launched in 2009 (with a new version soon on the way).

What are some current projects and new items?

“Crosman is always moving forward to bring great new products to market, from range-finding binoculars to big bore air guns. 

The Recharge Compressor is our latest product for shooting sports that is capable of filling both the scuba tanks that most programs use as well as the Challenger air rifles from a standard 110V three-prong outlet. The Recharge essentially eliminates the time, effort and resources needed for transporting your tanks to and from wherever you may be having them filled. 

Also, don’t be surprised if you see a new Challenger in 2021 (hint hint).”

Crosman’s latest addition is a Recharge Compressor, capable of being used from a standard 110V outlet.

Why does Crosman fit with the CMP?

“The Civilian Marksmanship Program has always been on the forefront of shooting sports, and I’ve been fortunate to work with such great people.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve attended many National matches, speaking with young competitors, instructors and CMP staff about the sport and what it means to be competing at the top level.

I always look forward to attending these matches, unless its Camp Perry in February (too cold…).”

View Crosman’s current products by visiting their website at

— Ashley Brugnone, CMP Staff Writer

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