Code Blue Introduces New Pre-Orbital Gland Scent

Code Blue Introduces New Pre-Orbital Gland Scent

BIRMINGHAM, AL, January 9, 2019 — Code Blue, a leader in deer scents and scent-elimination technology, is excited to introduce its new Pre-Orbital Gland Scent.

Code Blue’s Pre-Orbital Gland Scent was designed to be used on a “licking” branch. A licking branch is a year-round communication post that bucks use to establish a pecking order. A buck will rub its pre-orbital gland, which is located near the eye, onto a licking branch to leave his own unique scent. Pre-orbital gland scent contains a specific pheromone that helps establish dominance in the herd.

Code Blue’s Pre-Orbital Gland Scent comes in a 2.6-ounce plastic tube with screw-on top to keep scent in and off of your gear. To use, simply twist the bottom knob to raise the no-mess scented wax from the tube and then rub it on an existing licking branch or one that’s been made. Pre-orbital gland is the perfect scent to finish off a mock scrape.

Code Blue Pre-Orbital Gland Scent comes in a 2.6-ounce plastic tube and has an MSRP of $12.99. It will be available 2019 in stores and at

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