Convert Any Work Surface into a Master Cleaning Station in Seconds!

These are not so-called “Deluxe Cleaning Kits”. These are smart, modern, everything you need, where you need it, when you need it frustration free cleaning stations.

The self-storing, all-in-one gun cleaning stations are organized and designed to equip gun owners to thoroughly clean their guns from bore to breach and action down to the component level…in the kitchen, the coffee table, the garage, or even on your tailgate.

To “wrap” things up, an oil resistant, no-slip backed, padded cleaning mat provides a large, safe, anywhere-anytime cleaning surface and the entire expansive Master Cleaning Station rolls up and fits into a compact storage bag.

The Master Cleaning Stations come in three versions; AR15, Universal and Handgun. They are in stock and available online or through your local Real Avid dealer.

About Real Avid

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