Cordova Cooler 50 Medium Chest Cooler

Cordova Cooler 50 Medium Chest Cooler

Cordova Cooler—the leader in made-in-the-U.S. high-performance coolers—has released a hard-side cooler that’s perfectly suited for the upcoming fall outdoor activities and adventures. Whether you’re heading to the soccer fields or the dove fields, hunting camp or a tailgate party, the new 50 Medium chest cooler is the most efficient and optimally sized cold storage solution on the market today.

As with all Cordova hard-side coolers, the 50 Medium cooler keeps food and drinks colder for longer while delivering larger storage capacity than other premium rotomolded coolers. This efficiency in both cooling performance and capacity is due to Cordova’s use of a category exclusive foam that is thinner and denser than conventional foam used in other coolers. The higher insulation rating means greater storage space than coolers with similar exterior dimensions, so you can carry more ice, food, and drinks and still have room for other items in your vehicle. Another feature that contributes to the 50 Medium’s long cold storage performance is Cordova’s proprietary quad-core gasket. This gasket design ensures an air-tight seal that effectively keeps warm air out and cold air in even on the hottest days.

In addition to offering more space and better cooling performance, the Cordova 50 Medium includes many conveniences not found anywhere else. The lid, for example has a “no-fall” hinge system that prevents it from dropping on your hand when opened. Keeping items from sliding off the top of the cooler is a raised rim. This is ideal for anglers who like to stow open tackle boxes or loose hard baits on their cooler lid.

Loaded coolers can be challenging to carry—especially those with rope-style handles. The 50 Medium cooler features rigid-mounted CNC-machined aluminum handles with molded-in grips to eliminate “cooler sway” and make carrying a full cooler simple and easy. What’s more, each aluminum handle includes an integrated bottle opener.

Also, unlike other cooler designs, the Cordova 50 Medium boasts top-open latches. With the latch handles positioned above the lid instead of in the front, the cooler can be placed against a tailgate, bedside, or cargo boxes and its contents still be easily accessible.

Summer is almost over, but the outdoor fun continues. Whatever activity is on the roster—ball games, hunting, camping, or fall fishing, the Cordova 50 Medium is sized to take just about anywhere and ready to keep food and drinks cold in any temperature. And with its lifetime warranty, expect many years of reliable service.

Cordova Cooler™ 50 Medium Specifications

  • Capacity: 12 gal. / 40 lbs. ice / 42 cans (2:1 ice/content ratio)
  • Inside Dimensions: 20-in. (L) 12-in. (W) 11.25-in. (H)
  • Outside Dimensions: 28.25-in. (L) 18-in. (W) 16.75-in. (H)
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Available Colors: Gray, Sand, White, Orange, and Aqua
  • MSRP: $274.99
  • Country of Manufacture: USA

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