Cordova’s 100 Large Cooler—Sized Right, Priced Even Better

Cordova’s 100 Large Cooler—Sized Right, Priced Even Better

Cordova Cooler™ is setting new standards in the premium cooler category and among adventurous outdoor enthusiasts by offering the kind of durability, performance, and innovative features consumers expect but at an unexpectedly lower price point. The new Cordova 100 Large Cooler continues that tradition as it enters the growing Cordova Cooler lineup.

The 100 Large Cooler is ideally suited for those who need maximum cold-storage capacity for a long weekend yet want a cooler that is sized for easy handling. Built with tough rotational-molded construction, the 100 Large Cooler has a 22-gallon capacity that holds up to 70 pounds of ice or 85 cans with a 2:1 ice-to-content ratio. Measuring 38- (L) x 17.75- (W) x 18.75-inch (H) and weighing 34.5 pounds, the Cordova 100 Large Cooler is easily accommodated on boats, in trucks or SUVs, or in a UTV cargo bed.

Cordova Cooler chest coolers achieve their industry-leading performance through several key features. Cordova uses state of the art foam with a high R value, making them denser and thinner than other cooler foams on the market. This not only gives Cordova coolers a higher insulation rating and better cooling efficiency compared to other premium coolers, it also contributes to increased capacity compared to coolers of similar outside dimensions—up to 25% more capacity. Next is the company’s proprietary quad-core gasket design, which provides an efficient, air-tight seal that keeps cold air in on even the hottest days. It’s a seal you can feel.

Aside from out-performing coolers costing much more, the 100 Large Cooler includes numerous practical and ergonomic features not found anywhere else. The handles are made of CNC-machined aluminum for maximum strength and light weight, with molded-in grips for carrying comfort. Integrated into the handles are machined-in bottle openers, so popping a cold one is quick and convenient. Those who keep their coolers in truck beds will appreciate the top-mount lid latches. These release the lid from the top side, so the contents can be accessed even when the cooler is sitting against a tailgate. Additional features include a lid lock system that keeps the lid upright when opened and a built-in raised rim along the lid top, so you can stow items on the cooler without them sliding off.

Originally developed for the rigors of Pacific Northwest fishing, all Cordova Cooler™ chest coolers are made in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty.

Cordova 100 Large Cooler Specifications

  • Capacity: 22 gal. / 70 lbs. ice / 85 cans (2:1 ice/content ratio)
  • Inside Dimensions: 30.5-in. (L) x 12.0-in. (W) x 13.5-in. (H)
  • Outside Dimensions: 38.0-in. (L) x 17.75-in. (W) x 18.75-in. (H)
  • Weight: 34.5 lbs.
  • Available Colors: Gray, Sand, White, Orange, and Aqua
  • MSRP: $299.99
  • Country of Manufacture: USA

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