Cortland’s Master Braid Offers Superior Musky Performance

Cortland’s Master Braid Offers Superior Musky Performance

Cortland, NY (June 22, 2018) – Musky fisherman require the absolute best equipment to hook and land the toughest freshwater predators in North America. Known as the fish of 10,000 casts, musky fishing is intense and requires the best possible equipment for dedicated searching and the moment of truth. Cortland’s Master Braid is designed to deliver consistently with excellent cast-ability, durability, and the dependability that Musky anglers demand.

Cortland implements Opti-Con™ technology to join the optimum number of bundles of individual gel-spun fibers into a tighter braid structure. FiberTech™ treatment injects the perfect amount of body and line character into the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene micro-fibers. The overall result is a tightly woven braid structure that stacks cleanly on the reel. The braid doesn’t require a break-in period and performs consistently from the first cast through cast number 10,000. Master Braid rolls off the reel smoothly without twisting and kinking. The tight weave absorbs the shock of snags and strikes while providing superior sensitivity and hook-setting power.

Line color influence on fish behavior is an ongoing debate in the musky world. Some anglers prefer high visibility lines for tracking while others want the ultimate in camouflage. Cortland’s famous bronze color has become a go-to color for Musky angling, while blue and black are gaining popularity. Master Braid lines are also available in moss green, white and yellow. While the color of other braids fade over time, Master Braid uses ColorLast™ technology to create a braid that does not bleed. It resists fading longer since color adheres to fibers and penetrates the structure of the braid.The range of colors provides options across the color spectrum. Spool sizes start at 150 yards and go up to 5,000 yards for bulk use.

Master Braid lines are available in strength ratings ranging from 10 lbs. to 130 lbs. Musky anglers tend to focus on higher strength ratings in the 80 plus pound range attached to a leader system that mitigates damage from razor sharp teeth. Heavy fluorocarbon, steel and titanium leaders are all commonplace for musky.

Make every cast count with Cortland’s Master Braid lines. Built to meet the rigorous demands of musky fishing, Master Braid performs like no other braided line on the market.

Key product features:

  • Excellent strength and trouble-free handling
  • Smooth feel without excessive stiffness
  • Unmatched line durability
  • Line casts and handles consistently over the life of the braid
  • Long lasting color that does not bleed and resists fading
  • Wicks up less water than other braids

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