Crosman All-American Field Target Championship Results

Bloomfield, NY – For nearly 10 years, dedicated air gun competitors from around the globe have taken part in the Crosman All-American Field Target Championship. This year was no different! A few weeks ago, 85 competitors registered for the three-day competition which featured multiple shooting matches including the main two-day rifle event.

“The Crosman All-American Field Target Championship is one of the must-attend events for Field Target airgunners,” said Mark DeBoard, Manager of Shooting Services for Velocity Outdoor. “The Crosman Field Target Championship is a lot of fun for the entire family, we had have every level of competitor, from the novice just getting started to the world class competitor.”

The winner of the All Around prize for the highest score over all three days was Bill Rabbit. That’s Bill (left) receiving his prize from Mark DeBoard, the Shooting Services Manager of Velocity Outdoor.

CAAFTC Results, All Around Competitors.

   Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Day 3Total Score
Bill Rabbitt584858164
Paul Porch574656159
Mike Niksch505154155
Jeff Paddock524555152
Tyler Patner494554148

2019 CAAFTC Results. Hunter PCP.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total Score
Bill Rabbitt5858116
Tom Himes4958107
Bill Day5551106
Dennis Himes5056106
Mike Niksch5054104

2019 CAAFTC Results. Hunter Piston.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total Score
Greg Shirhall465298
Eric Brewer415091
Paul Manktelow464187
Curtis Miller362965

CAAFTC Results. Open PCP.

Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total Score
Paul Porch5756113
Charles DiCapua5056106
Keith Walters5451105
Mike Norris534497
Roger Barker464490


Shooter NameDay 1Day 2Total Score
Will Piatt5157108
Jeff Paddock5255107
Greg Suave5452106
Lauren Parsons4757104
Tyler Patner4954103

CAAFTC Results. Hunter Pistol.

Shooter NameOne Day  Total Score
Eric Brewer  53
Mike Niksch  51
Bill Rabbitt  48
Curtis Miller  47
Paul Porch  43

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