Differentiate Women’s Products on the Retail Floor with Pattern Created
by Próis® and Veil Camo® without Pink, Teal or Purple

Gunnison, Colo. — Próis® has announced that the Cumbre Camo™ pattern created with Veil Camo® is now available for the licensing of women’s hunting products. Veil Cumbre was developed with the goal of creating a camouflage pattern for the serious female hunter. This meant the application of camouflage science, animal vision research and mathematical algorithms resulting in an aggressive, high-functioning, visually distinctive pattern that will give women an edge when hunting game. As an exclusive women’s only pattern, Cumbre stands out on the shelf (and not in the field) for increased visibility and sales – giving your women’s products identity, without using traditional female colors like pink.

“We’ve created a pattern we believe is both effective and functional, providing the best concealment advantage and elevating the experience for the avid female hunter,” said Kirstie Pike, CEO of Próis Hunting & Field Apparel. “We’d like to share this pattern with other manufacturers who believe in what we believe in, and that women’s products don’t have to incorporate pink or purple.”

The name “Cumbre” means “summit” or “peak” in Gaelic, which is exactly what developers strived for when creating this pattern. A culmination of deep research rooted in the core process Veil uses to create game-changing concealment, Cumbre uses scalable disruption and macro and micro features tuned to western landscapes to hide you visually from close and from afar. A carefully chosen color palette pulled from the environment combines browns, grays, greens and tans providing cover that works in open space and deep timber. Physiological animal vision and perception research was also incorporated into the creation of Cumbre for the highest performance across a wide spectrum of species. Finally, mathematical algorithms based on shapes and visual biases found in nature were incorporated into the pattern to make it the most effective pattern available.

About Próis Hunting & Field Apparel
Próis has been the leader in women’s technical hunting gear since 2008 and believes women hunt hard and deserve the highest performing gear to support their pursuits. All Próis gear is engineered expressly for women and the company utilizes only the most top-rated performance fabrics to provide wind stopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence and thermoregulation. The company’s out-of-the-box thinking has resulted in award-winning designs that have raised the bar for women’s outdoor apparel. For more information about Próis Hunting & Field Apparel, visit: Pró

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