Cut Your Deer-Hunting Preparation in Half With the Realtree Half-Ton Hauler

Cut Your Deer-Hunting Preparation in Half With the Realtree Half-Ton Hauler

(Aug. 3, 2018) — Getting ready for deer season takes a lot of work. Whether you’re preparing your hunting property or getting your deer camp ready, there’s a ton that needs done. Let the Realtree Half-Ton Hauler Lift-Assist and Swivel Utility Dump Cart by OxCart cut your work time in half. The Half-Ton Hauler is not your typical cart. Commercial-grade durability with an all-square-tube construction, full mandrel bent NASCAR-designed axle support and tractor-grade tires make this the first cart you can load to the max and move twice as much in half the time. Use it to haul equipment, blinds, treestands, debris, firewood or anything else you may need for a great deer season. It’s also ideal for filling feeders, maintaining food plots and fences, cleaning barns and moving fire wood. In addition, you can hook the cart to your ATV and haul out a deer once you experience success.

The Half-Ton Hauler makes hauling and unloading large loads 90 percent easier than with standard carts, so you’ll spend less time working and more time hunting. With the Half-Ton Hauler, you can get twice as much work done with half the effort — no matter the task at hand.

Available at Orscheln Farm & Home, Atwoods, Ace Hardware, Do It Best, Stine Home and Yard, Big R Stores,, Tractor Supply and available for free shipping on, the OxCart combines a rear offset dump pivot point for greater control with a hydraulic-assisted tub lift for easier heavy-load handling. The swivel feature reduces backing, allowing you to control dump wherever you want. These key features revolutionize and allow you to not only move twice as much in half the time but also handle

twice as much with half the effort.

Most utility dump trailers are designed with formed metal frames and a center dump pivot point that cause them to dump like teeter-totters. When the bed is filled with heavy items, you must lift most of the weight to dump the cart. You often have to step away as the load shifts and the tub slams to the ground.

The Realtree Half-Ton Hauler’s smart design eliminates these problems. It saves you time and reduces physical strain, allowing you to get more done in half the time and with much less effort so you can focus on the hunt and not on the work. To put it simply, with the Realtree Half-Ton Hauler, you can lift much heavier loads and transport and dump them more quickly.

Realtree Half-Ton Hauler’s pro-grade performance, innovative design and exclusive features make it the first tow-behind utility dump cart that you can fill to the max knowing it can hold, move, lift, position and dump the heaviest loads with ease.

The hauler is load-tested to 1100 pounds, so you can fill it up and make fewer trips. The hauler is designed with professional-grade, all-square-tube steel construction, including NASCAR roll cage full-mandrel designed bent axle support. The powder-coated hammered finish stands up to the wear and tear of the outdoors. Tractor-grade multi-terrain 4-ply tires with run-flat technology are designed with a liquid polymer that self-seals most punctures instantly before losing any air. Commercial-grade graphoil bushings and grease zerks extend the wheel life.

It attaches to any mower, ZTR, or ATV with a pin-hole hitch. Couplers mount easy for 1 7/8- and 2-inch ball hitches.

The conversion kit accessory turns the Realtree trailer into a farm cart/wheelbarrow in seconds for use in livestock care, land maintenance and hunting prep.

The Realtree Half-Ton Hauler is perfect for getting your deer hunting land and hunt camp into shape, working your farm land or even just keeping your yard in tip-top condition.

Check out this video to see how OxCart and the Realtree Half-Ton Hauler work!

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MSRP: $399 – $449

OxCart Lift-Assist and Swivel was recently recognized as one of Wiki 2018’s Best Lawn Carts.