David Cronk with Siberian Coolers.

David Cronk with Siberian Coolers.

David Cronk is the Sales and Marketing Director for Siberian Coolers.

How did you first get into hunting and who influenced you? 

I have fished, hunted and participated in shooting sports since I was very young.  It is what we did as a family.
Tell us about your most memorable hunt?

My most memorable hunt would probably be my first Whitetail hunt when I turned 12.  I remember my Dad being really excited when I took my first deer.

How do you properly pack a cooler?

Packing a cooler properly is situationally dependent.  Are you packing food and drink for a weekend trip or are you packing a cooler with fish or game for shipment home?  Do you use dry ice, cubed ice or block ice?  One of the best universal things you can do is to get the core temperature of the cooler as low as possible before you pack it.  Also, pack your cooler with cold or frozen foods and water.  Using cold or frozen items in your cooler will help ice retention immensely.  We have a great cooler packing video on our Siberian Cooler website.

What is the Best way to clean your cooler?

Our coolers can be easily cleaned with normal soap and water.

Do I really need to “cool down” my cooler?

Unless you plan to consume everything in the cooler within a day, I would absolutely take the time to chill your cooler.

How do you use dry ice for long-term storage in a cooler?

Dry ice is great for packing game or fish for the trip home.  It is best to have the meat frozen prior to packing the cooler with dry ice.  It is generally best to have the dry ice on top of the cooler so the gas flows down over the frozen meat as it evaporates.

What are the advantages of dry ice over water based ice?

Since dry ice is carbon dioxide in a solid state it is much colder than frozen water.  Dry ice works great for keeping frozen items frozen for extended periods, but it does require special handling.  You would not want to use dry ice in your family cooler.

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