Dianna Muller Speaks Out

In response to the Biden Administration’s anti-Second Amendment proclamations from the Rose Garden, the DC Project, Women for Gun Rights, has a strong response. “These new restrictions from the White House will not keep Americans safer.” 

Representatives from the well-funded Moms Demand Action (Everytown for Gun Safety) were on scene at the White House press conference where six initiatives to “address the gun violence public health epidemic” were rolled out. “Countless lives are protected and saved through the defensive use of guns by law-abiding Americans,” said Dianna Muller, DC Project founder. “Who is telling that story, and why are they ignoring the thousands of restrictive gun laws already on the books that aren’t enforced?” she asked. 

Later this month, a group of women from the DC Project will travel to Washington to share their own stories with individual policymakers and several caucuses. Meetings will focus on countering the misinformation tactics of anti-gun organizations and educating Representatives on the true impact of restrictive laws. “Women have suffered violent consequences because of legislation fueled by groups who mislead lawmakers. They intend to strip the Second Amendment from Americans. It’s imperative they learn first-hand what happens when they only know one side of an agenda-driven narrative,” stated Muller. 

The trip’s agenda will focus on education, firearm safety, and opposition to nominee David Chipman as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The DC Project women will also explain the pitfalls of “red flag” legislation and the drawbacks of evidence-based community violence interventions through their personal experiences. 

“Chipman is a radical anti-gun lobbyist with a long history of pushing anti-freedom rhetoric,” said Muller. Chipman worked for the ATF for 25 years and was a pivotal player in the tragedy in Waco, TX. Afterward, he joined Everytown for Gun Safety as a senior adviser and moved on as senior VP of Public Safety Solutions, before he landed with the Giffords anti-gun organization.

Muller faced Chipman in 2019 during testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee regarding the Assault Weapons Ban where he stated, “assault weapons like the semiautomatic AR-15 … are identical to those used by the military. If our goal is to balance the rights of responsible, law-abiding gun owners and the urgent need to keep particularly dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals, simply reinstating the 90s-era ban on assault weapons is not enough.” 

“We can only assume Chipman’s stance is the same now as it was in 2019 when he said lawmakers should consider requiring the registration of ‘all existing assault weapons in the hands of civilians…while banning the future manufacture and sale of these weapons,’” said Muller. During his testimony, Chipman went on to suggest registration and tax requirements on sales of certain weapons such as “sawed-off shotguns, short-barrel rifles, machine guns,” and accessories like silencers.

Reacting to the announcement of President Biden’s executive orders and Chipman’s nomination, Muller was a guest on Chris Stigall’s KCMO Talk Radio Show where she commented, “education is the key to safety, not legislation.” Listen to the entire interview here

More than ever, the DC Project needs the support of pro-gun and pro-freedom Americans to help counter groups like Moms Demand Action who are backed by Bloomberg and a $36 million operating budget. “We’re truly in a David and Goliath situation, but we will not stop! Please contribute today,” urged Muller.

About the DC Project

The DC Project affirms that firearms safety and violence prevention are achieved through education, not legislation; it encourages the preservation of America’s gun culture and highlights the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing advocacy because gun rights are women’s rights. According to Muller, “We believe that self-defense is a human right and that we are our own first responders. We understand the importance of preserving the right to protect ourselves. Members of our foundation regularly stand before legislators and lawmakers on the frontlines of this battle to protect this crucial right and make their voices heard through education. Stand with us by donating to the DC Project and let others know you support the rights of responsible gun owners.”

DC Project Foundation

The mission of the DC Project Foundation is to raise awareness among community members, including legislators, that firearms safety and violence prevention are achieved through EDUCATION, not legislation; to encourage the PRESERVATION of America’s gun culture from conservation and commerce to competitive sports, hunting, and self-defense; and to highlight the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing ADVOCACY, because gun rights are women’s rights.

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