Delta Waterfowl Supports IMAX Film Highlighting the Importance of Prairie Pothole Wetlands

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — The Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation of Dundee, Illinois, has released a sneak peek of the IMAX film that showcases the ecologically vital Prairie Pothole Region of western Canada and the north-central United States. Delta Waterfowl — which is headquartered and works in the heart of the PPR — is supporting the film Wings Over Water, set for release in 2021.
The giant-screen movie will highlight the critical role of the region where more than 60 percent of North America’s ducks are hatched. Recognizing this importance, the PPR is often called the “Duck Factory.” In addition, hundreds of species of shore birds, songbirds and other wildlife depend on the region. The film will focus on sandhill cranes, mallards and yellow warblers as they return to the prairies in spring to nest and raise their young.
“Conserving wetlands and nesting cover in the PPR is crucial for waterfowl populations in North America to continue to thrive,” said Dr. Scott Petrie, Delta Waterfowl chief executive officer. “The Wings Over Water film helps us tell the wetland habitat conservation story to a broader audience who might not yet understand the importance of the prairies not only for waterfowl and wildlife, but also for the health of our ecosystem.”
The Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, Delta Waterfowl and other conservation partners are spearheading the film, which is being produced by an award-winning team from Dorsey Pictures, Archipelago Films and SK Films. The movie will be shown in giant-screen theatres across North America and throughout the world. Well-known actor Michael Keaton, an Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner, will narrate the picture.
Click here to view the film’s trailer.
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