Dogtra Products Receive IPX9K Durability & Waterproof Rating

(Torrance, CA.)  Dogtra, producer of the world’s finest e-collars and dog training products, is pleased to announce all of their e-collar receivers and GPS collars are IPX9K rated. In addition, select transmitters also meet the rigorous testing required to earn this rating. 

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating classifies the level of protection against intrusion of the internal hardware provided by the exterior casings and electrical enclosures.  The 9K waterproof rating means that the interior of Dogtra’s collars and handheld devices are protected against close-range high jet water pressure, high-temperature spray downs.  The IPX9K rating is higher than military grade tested products. 

Dogtra is the only brand in their industry that offers this level of waterproofing. Bob Owens from Lone Duck Outfitters and Kennels said, “I once dropped my Edge RT in a field then found it 6 months later and it only needed to be recharged. That was 4 years ago and I still use it.”  

Dogtra, a trusted name for over 30 years, designs e-collar training systems for dogs that stand up to the elements in the most demanding conditions.

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