Easton President Mark Pezzoni to Retire in 2020

December 9, 2019—Salt Lake City, Utah—Greg Easton, CEO of Jas. D. Easton, Inc., has announced the upcoming retirement of Easton president, Mark Pezzoni. In the spring of 2020, Mark Pezzoni will complete an outstanding career that includes over 40 years of leadership in manufacturing and operations. “The Easton Technical Products division of Jas. D. Easton and our customers have benefitted greatly from the hard work and expert guidance of Mark Pezzoni over the last six years,” said Greg Easton. “Mark’s influence will be long lasting as we continue to seek excellence in all aspects of the business. We thank Mark for his unwavering, dedicated service and wish him the best as he enjoys his much-deserved retirement.” 

Mark assumed the position of Easton president in 2014, and since, has applied his skills and experience to build upon the success of his predecessors.  Under his direction, Easton’s priorities have continued to focus on achieving excellence through high-quality products, exceptional service, and lean manufacturing with safety as the overriding top importance in all aspects of the business. “This is the greatest company I’ve ever worked for and I always wanted to leave at a high point,” said Mark, “the company is doing great and it just feels like it’s the perfect timing.” In addition to his expertise in manufacturing leadership, Mark is a lifelong archery enthusiast and bowhunter.  He has combined these passions to instill the values needed to position the Easton company for more success in the years to come. Over the coming months, as Easton seeks a new president, Mark will continue his duties and will assist in the leadership transition process.