Salt Lake City, UT – Easton rounds out its new 6.5 carbon arrow lineup with the introduction of the 6.5mm Bowhunter arrow shaft.

6.5 Bowhunter is made in Easton’s Utah factory and is an exceptional price-to-performance offering. Produced with the unique Acu-Carbon seamless machine-made process that has the best shooting accuracy by employing inherently superior spine deflection and weight consistency from shaft to shaft, dozen to dozen. The result is the repeatable performance and the predictable accuracy bowhunters seek to add shot confidence afield.

Bowhunter will ship with ST RPS inserts and Microlite nocks included. In addition to its lighter weight, the Microlite nock is also more forgiving of release inconsistencies and it reduces misalignment thanks to a shorter shank that positions the string closer to the shaft. Combined, these inserts and nocks enhance the arrow’s accuracy balance to provide stable flight and better grouping.

Available in 300, 340, 400, and 500 spine deflection with ±.006” straightness. MSRP of $44.99 for a half-dozen fletched with premium Bully vanes.

For more information on the Easton 6.5 arrow line, see your local archery pro shop or visit www.eastonarchery.com