January 9, 2020 Indianapolis, Indiana – Today Easton unveiled a new lightweight arrow in its 6.5mm product line—the 6.5 MATRIX.  This new arrow is an ultra-lightweight model that uses Easton’s Acu-carbon™ seamlessprocess.  What’s more, the Matrix features a new carbon fiber braid visible on the outside of the shaft.  The Easton’s proprietary process results in a seamless shaft delivering a virtually perfect spine and weight across every production run. Without the weight and spine inconsistency found in conventional arrow-making processes, Acu-carbon constructed arrows tune easier and offer better accuracy on the range and in the field.

6.5 Matrix Features:

  • Acu-carbon seamless process for virtually perfect spine & weight consistency
  • Microlite premium nocks—shortens the critical distance between the shaft and bowstring for improved alignment and reduced weight
  • 6.5MM heavy-duty inserts. 4X thicker shoulder—stronger and adds F.O.C
  • Bully premium vanes— Stiffer, more accurate and more durable than conventional vanes.
  • Straightness ±.003”
  • Spine sizes: 300(8.9 gpi), 340(8.1gpi), 400(7.4 gpi), 500(6.8gpi)
  • MSRP $79.99 six pack
  • Made in USA

For more information on the Easton 6.5mm Matrix arrows see your local archery pro shop or visit www.eastonarchery.com