Easton, the leading name in arrows since 1922 has unveiled several game-changing products for 2021. The new line-up includes the AXIS Long Range, 4mm FMJ, traditional Carbon Legacy, 6.5 Whiteout, and the Avancé all-carbon target shaft.

The new 4mm AXIS Long Range shaft uses a proprietary lighter weight carbon for improved velocity and F.O.C. On the component side, the Long Range includes 4mm MicroLite nocks and an F.O.C. boosting 8-32 threaded half-out.

The industry’s premier hunting shaft, FMJ, now includes and reimagined 4MM version. The new 4MM has a new size range in standard spines sizes.  4mm MicroLite nocks and an F.O.C. boosting 8-32 threaded half-out are included.

Easton’s 6.5 WhiteOut carbon offers high-speed flight visibility to identify shot placement and blood identification.  Also in the standard-diameter line, the Easton Carbon Legacy will be a huge hit with traditional archers. Legacy combines the look of wood-grained with a white-dipped nock end with feather-fletched craftsmanship.

Avancé is perfect for archers that seek a serious tournament shaft in the novice to intermediate target archery level. The all-carbon arrow offers lighter weight and promises top-level performance in international competition archery.