– Episode 9 – Heartland Bowhunter’s Shawn Luchtel & Mike Hunsucker

– Episode 9 –  Heartland Bowhunter’s Shawn Luchtel & Mike Hunsucker

On today’s episode of Talking Mule Deer, Steve and Jodi talk to MDF partners Heartland Bowhunter. Shawn Luchtel and Mike Hunsucker let us know how they got their start archery hunting in Missouri but how the fever for hunting western mule deer and black-tailed deer took hold with them. They provide some tips on things they’ve learned adapting from whitetail hunting to spot and stalk hunting in the open country of the West. We talk about some of the gear that’s necessary for western hunting that eastern and midwestern hunters might not consider and the importance of advanced preparation. Mike and Shawn also talk about how telling the story of the entire experience of hunting and conservation is a fundamental part of the production of their television show and why they have established a relationship with the Mule Deer Foundation to share the conservation message.

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