Everest.com, the nation’s first outdoor lifestyle focused, multi- merchant marketplace announces its newly formed partnership with Nexus Outdoors and the launch of its ScentLok Technologies storefront.

“ScentLok is an industry leader that has paved the way in the development of odor-controlling technology for over two decades,” says Marcus Johnson, EVP of Operations for Everest. “We’re honored to partner with such an established and cutting-edge brand as we take their e-commerce efforts to the next level.”

The Everest/ScentLok Technologies storefront features the patented ScentLok hunting apparel and accessories as well as other scent eliminating products. Nexus Outdoor storefronts are currently in development for their Blocker Outdoors line of apparel and their OZ line of ozone generators.

“The digital marketplace is rapidly growing and changing,” says Doug Veldhuizen, National Sales Manager of Nexus Outdoors. “With Everest’s focus to be a leader in the outdoor space digitally, we recognized the partnership would be a great opportunity for all of our brands. Everest is customer friendly with many avenues for information, entertainment, and shopping and with their brand support this allows us to reach more consumers.”

Visit the ScentLok Technologies storefront on Everest at www.everest.com/ScentLok.

About ScentLok

ScentLok Technologies, headquartered in Muskegon, MI, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of performance, odor controlling hunting apparel, casual wear and equipment. Founded in 1992 on scientific principles, ScentLok is the only company with access to all scent-controlling technologies including their patented activated carbon technology, which is consistently proven to outperform other technologies tested. ScentLok is a subsidiary of Nexus Outdoors, which also markets and distributes OZ®, ScentBlocker®, Tree Spider®, Whitewater® and American Range Systems®.

About Everest

Driven by our Caliber Members, the Everest mission is to create the leading marketplace for the outdoor recreation community – a place where retailers can sell firearms, fishing gear, camping gear, outdoor products and other related consumer items; a place where like-minded consumers can learn, interact, participate and shop. Everest is a community of like-minded, non-discriminating, conservation-loving outdoor living retailers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

For more information on the Everest marketplace, visit the website at www.everest.com or contact:

Kristi Heuring
Chief Marketing Officer