Experience the Highs and Lows of Fishing from “MOTV Pick of the Week” – Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show now on MyOutdoorTV

Denver (March 25, 2019) – Watch host Mark Zona as he brings in the best anglers in the world to chase anything with gills and fins in Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show streaming now on MyOutdoorTV.

Zona has loved fishing from a young age, fishing in his first bass tournament at nine-years-old. As he got more involved in the professional fishing industry, Mark earned a reputation as an encyclopedia of bass knowledge who was never afraid to share his opinion as a highly-skilled angler. In Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show he has found a way to pursue his love of fishing, challenging himself by targeting specific species in each episode. This show documents the successes and failures of Mark and his guests as they traverse different bodies of water, searching for the targeted species. Keep up with Mark and all of his fishing adventures by streaming Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show on MyOutdoorTV

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