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Launching June 30 with the First Episode “Duck Hunting on the Santee Delta” Available Nationally via DVD and Digital Platforms, the Series Links the Distinctive Past and Present Through Sporting Traditions, Conservation and Gracious Living

Charleston, SC — This June, home viewers are invited to sit back a while, and journey with TRADITIONAL WILD AMERICA to some of the country’s most picturesque environments for unique sporting adventures. Tipping a hat to generations of sportsmen past, who passed down decades of tradition, craftsmanship and love for America’s natural wonders, this new series from Integrity Broadcasting Network is a passport linking the unforgettable adventures of today with the experiences of yesteryear. The first episode of the new series, TRADITIONAL WILD AMERICA: DUCK HUNTING ON THE SANTEE DELTA, will be available June 30 on DVD ($19.95srp) and via all leading digital platforms.

Join hosts and lifelong friends, Charles Waring and Gus Smythe, as they offer their unique perspective on outdoor life, nurtured by decades of hunting and fishing expertise across a wide range of game, as well as a long history of land stewardship and sportsmanship instilled in them by their forefathers who settled in Charleston, South Carolina more than 300 years ago. In DUCK HUNTING ON THE SANTEE DELTA, put on your waders and join these affable, expert guides as they venture into South Carolina’s famed waterlands to hunt ducks in the grand tradition with classic double guns. Home audiences will vibrantly experience what it’s like to stand in a blind awaiting their shot, English springer spaniel at the ready; as many sportsmen have for well over a hundred years including President Grover Cleveland and Bernard Baruch noted financier and advisor to presidents.

But more than just hunting, viewers will learn of the Santee Delta’s vast and varied history, old classic decoy collecting and the area’s strong dedication to the ethics of wildlife management and conservation. Viewers will also join Charles and Gus as they participate in the culinary delights of a Lowcountry oyster roast at sunset, the preparation and cooking of a wild duck breast with celebrated local chef F. Preston Wilson and even the festive nature of a bourbon tasting with internationally-renowned whisky writer, Hans Offringa, author of the best-selling “Field Guide to Whisky.” Home viewers will also learn of the history of the classic double gun, valued by collectors and hunters alike, from international firearms expert G. Harris Jordan, as well as conservation from Mike Prevost, conservation director for the Nature Conservancy and Lowcountry history and culture with influential local author Richard Porcher, Ph.D.

“With Traditional Wild America, we’re looking to ignite the powder keg of nostalgia, blow away the cobwebs of history and link our trips of today to the experiences of the past.” says host and executive producer Waring. “In the process, we want to celebrate today’s heroes of conservation and those craftsmen who still make the split bamboo fly rods, carve wooden decoys and work on classic double guns. After all, who wants to shortchange an adventure in Wild America? This is exactly what our sporting forebearers understood as they huddled in winter at dawn in ice-covered rice fields awaiting waterfowl or chased channel bass and flounder in our rivers and creeks or matched wits with the wild turkey and wily whitetail in our spectacular bottomlands and pine hills. These are real adventures that test us and give us time-honored tales to share with our friends and younger generations; we’re honored to have this opportunity to showcase what makes Wild America so very special.”

For those taken with unique outdoor adventures, take a journey to the online home of TRADITIONAL WILD AMERICA ( There, visitors can steep themselves in specially-produced, exclusive content not seen anywhere else: video segments featuring firearms expert Jordan imparting well-researched information about firearms, ammunition, technique and safety; Lowcountry chef Wilson, preparing wild game and more to enjoy at home or in the field; how to make the perfect Bloody Mary with host Gus and Nat Hendricks of “Sisters Sauce” and much more, including podcasts, and an online store where consumers can peruse professionally carved wood decoys, etchings and prints from the local landscapes and more.

A destination for the best of America’s natural wonders TRADITIONAL WILD AMERICA is certain to appeal to all walks, as the country’s most picturesque areas and distinctive cultures are brought to rich life by the people who know it best. Seven more upcoming episodes, which will begin shooting later in 2020, will have Gus and Charles taking their flyrods to the Soque River in Northeast Georgia to try and land some record rainbow and brown trout, trekking to Western North Carolina for a demanding ruffed grouse hunt across the challenging and mountainous terrain and taking part in a driven deer hunt in the lowland swamps of South Carolina – a tradition dating back 300 years.


Format: DVD (48 minutes)

Running Time: 48 minutes + bonus content

Genre: Documentary/Outdoor Adventure/Hunting

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

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