Extreme Huntress Goes Ultimate in Africa

Extreme Huntress Goes Ultimate in Africa

Whitefish, Montana

After ten successful years of competitions, promoting it’s mission to create positive role models for women who hunt and ensuring children have an opportunity to be exposed to hunting, executive producer and founder Tom Opre has announced a new twist in the series. Out of the ten previous winners, four will compete head-to-head for the Ultimate Extreme Huntress Award. The competition will film not only in Texas, but will incorporate the Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe, Africa were the finalists will experience the results of proper wildlife conservation utilized by DesFountain Safaris.

The four finalists are: Angie Tennison (Montana) 2011; Jackie Guccini (Colorado) 2012; Lindsay Christensen (2017); and Ulrika Karlsson-Arne (Sweden) 2019.

“Women are the fastest growing segment in hunting and the shooting sports. After ten years, we felt we needed to honor the past winners, all of whom have become great role models and spokespeople for the hunting community by promoting sound wildlife conservation practices,” stated Opre.

Following last season’s highly popular relationship with Tim Fallon’s FTW Ranch, the finalists will endure two days of intense Sportsman All-Weather All-Terrain Marksmanship (SAAM) safari training and skills challenges. The FTW course features everything from charging cape buffalo targets to physical fitness challenges on the ranch’s steep canyon lands to becoming extremely confident in their firearms.

After Texas, finalists and film crew will travel to Zimbabwe to hunt cape buffalo and plains-game with one of Africa’s best safari operators, Dale “Donza” DesFountain. The Save Valley Conservancy is comprised over 750,000 acres and is one of Africa’s largest private reserves. It holds a wide variety of habitat and is home to the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo). In the Save, the finalist will not only hunt, but will interact with local communities, who are supported by the conservation efforts in the Save, by visiting schools, medical clinics, plus embed in anti-poaching units. They’ll also meet with wildlife researchers and game managers who work hard to make sure management, based on science, ensures the Save’s wildlife populations and habitat are healthy.

“We feel a real need to recognize the importance of the women who hunts for wildlife conservation. Without consumptive tourism, places like the Save Valley Conservancy and its rich wildlife diversity will not exist for future generations to enjoy and experience,” said DesFountain.

The winner of Ultimate Extreme Huntress will undergo not only skills challenges, but also online voting and a judge’s score. Long-time hosts, Olivia Opre and Larry Weishuhn, will judge the competition. Full details of the scoring is available at www.extremehuntress.com. This year’s winner will be recognized during the Dallas Safari Club’s annual awards event in January 2020. Beyond recognition, the winner will also receive the prestigious, Extreme Huntress Award, a bronze designed by famed artist Mark James.

The multimedia campaign is available exclusively through the Extreme Huntress social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), Amazon Video Direct, Roku, and on www.extremehuntress.com starting May 1. Competition episodes start posting October 6, 2019.
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