Find Lightweight Quality with 2A Armament’s KUIU Vias and Verde Rifles

2A Armament is recognized as a maker of high-quality, lightweight AR-style rifles, along with components and accessories for customized builds. In fact, innovation is one of the company’s core values, as shown by its BLR-16 and XLR-20 rifles.

The BLR-16, 2A Armament’s flagship rifle, weighing a mere 5 pounds. It features Balios Lite Gen 2 receiver set and M-LOK handguards and comes with a Cerakoted KUIU Vias 2.0 pattern.

Both the upper and lower receivers on the Balios Lite are CNC machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum for durability and weight reduction. The lower receiver comes with a flared mag well, a rear tensioning screw and takedown spring retainer, and a screw-in bolt-catch pin. The upper features a “slick side” mil-spec port door and a retained port door rod – no E-clip to lose – as well as M-4 feed ramps.

The 16-inch “pencil-profile” barrel is made of 416-R stainless steel and is chambered for 5.56 NATO, with 1 in 8 rifling for accuracy. The BLR-16 also comes with a mid-length gas system that features a titanium gas block.

Other features include a mil-spec eight-position buttstock with a standard H-buffer, a titanium T3 compensator, MAGPUL grip, a Mission First minimalist stock and an ALG-ACT trigger group with a choice of heavy or light hammer spring.

As the big brother of the BLR-16, the XLR-20 continues to showcase the innovation of 2A Armament, as this lightweight tips the scales at only 6.85 pounds fully assembled for comfortable all-day carry. Best of all the XLR-20 is chambered for the popular 6.5 Creedmoor round.

The XLR-20 is also CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, and comes with many of the same features as the BLR-16, such as retained port door rod, flared mag well, “slick side” design and a titanium gas block. In addition, the XLR-20 comes with a rifle-length gas system and a 20-inch barrel made of 4150 steel, also with 1 in 8-inch rifling. It features a .308 X4 steel muzzle brake, BCM-Gunfighter 762 mod 3 charging handle and a CMC two-stage flat trigger set at 2 pounds. Even better the XLR-20 is available in two cerakote KUIU camo options – Verde 2.0 and Vias 2.0- and a mil-spec eight-position buttstock.

Both 2A Armament KUIU rifles come with one 10-round magazine and a die-cut foam box, along with a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality provided by an American company.

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Built with performance and craftsmanship in mind, 2A Armament offers a dynamic line up of hunting and precision rifles, uppers, parts, and accessories. 2A Armament’s facilities feature state of the art manufacturing and process controls to ensure the highest possible quality in high-volume, technically demanding components and finished rifles on the market. We are a CNC, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified advance manufacturing machining shop for the aerospace, medical, prosthetic, motorsports, semiconductor and outdoor recreation markets. Out technical ability coupled with hand finishing of every part, results in an unmatched fit, finish, and performance of our firearms. There is no better AR platform available to consumers that present a better balance or weight, performance and value.

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