Find the Ultimate Amazon Fishing Adventure at the 2019 SCI Hunters’ Convention

Find the Ultimate Amazon Fishing Adventure at the 2019 SCI Hunters’ Convention

The people at Acute Angling learned long ago that most hunters are also anglers. Fishing, just like hunting, allows outdoorsmen and women to experience exotic locations around the world while enjoying the excitement of the aquatic hunt. Fishing in the Amazon with Acute Angling takes it one step further … here anglers can experience the world’s largest remaining unspoiled wilderness and engage in hand-to-hand combat with the world’s fiercest freshwater fishes.

Acute Angling, the Amazon’s premiere provider of fishing trips for peacock bass and exotic Amazon gamefish species, will return to exhibit at the 2019 SCI Hunters’ Convention. The company explores the Amazon basin in pursuit of outstanding fisheries and then operates secure and comfortable organized sport-fishing trips to these extraordinary locations. They go where others can’t or won’t to give anglers a one-of-a-kind Amazon wilderness adventure, while their highly-trained staff provides a level of comfort and service that makes anglers forget just how far from civilization they are. With 23 years of experience and the knowledge and insight of a leader with a PhD in Neotropical Ichthyology, they have created the most productive and polished mechanisms to fish the incredible Amazon.

“Our first SCI Convention was an eye-opener for us,” says Dr. Paul Reiss, President and CEO. “Our destinations and angling target fishes were often met with looks of bewilderment or even blank stares by the general public – not so at SCI. We were amazed at the depth of knowledge and understanding we encountered with this well-informed crowd. They understood the nature of our exotic adventures and, more importantly, were entirely in step with our concept of first building our trips around optimal fishing productivity and then assembling the operational mechanisms to most comfortably and securely accomplish this goal. We found an audience that shared our passion!”

Since those early days, Acute Angling has evolved three different trip types that allow anglers to access a broad range of the Amazon’s large and exotic sportfish species at the appropriate time and location. Each operation has its own logistical mechanism, letting it maintain position in optimal fishing conditions at different times in different regions. Thus, any date scheduled for each of the operations is perfect for the area they move into as the season progresses. They have painstakingly learned the best ways to operate and prepare for these trips. As a result, clients are provided with a full-service, all-inclusive, turn-key trip package. Charter flights bring anglers to these remote fisheries where an English-speaking host organizes all aspects of your trip, orients your group and offers an array of additional optional activities, including Indian village visits, spotlighting trips, jungle hikes, seminars, etc.

The Blackwater Explorer Yacht Trip is a super comfortable, consistently productive trip, especially recommended for a visitor to the Amazon whose focus is constant action with peacock bass. The beautiful, air-conditioned yacht is 10 years old and was built specifically for the purpose of accessing optimal peacock bass water. Comfortable cabins feature either bunk beds or double beds; all have private bathrooms and hot showers. The yacht’s great mobility ensures it is always in optimal fishing conditions.

The Multi-Species Variety and Giant Catfish Trip is a unique journey into Brazil’s Guyana Shield highlands, especially recommended for anglers whose focus is adventure and a broad variety of exotic fishes in a pristine, scenic region. This complex fast-water river system is in a closed Indian reservation, accessed only by float-plane. Here you will encounter payara, wolfish, fast-water peacocks, bicuda, pacu, giant catfish and a whole range of other sportfish. The comfortable jungle lodge boasts air-conditioned cabins, private bathrooms and en-suite walk-in showers … in the midst of a land that time forgot.

The Floating Bungalow Peacock Bass Trip is an intimate jungle experience, especially recommended for anglers whose focus is access to the largest and most remote trophy peacock bass. This trip is a float-plane accessed adventure in austere, oligotrophic regions with generally large fish size. Drafting less than a foot of water, it can move past obstacles that block other operation types, giving access to unpressured headwaters locations, while offering the same amenities and levels of comfort as their other operations.

Anglers can learn more at The content-rich website contains an encyclopedic array of information about the Amazon, the fish, the trips and the science behind it all. Or, perhaps Cyril Chauquet, star of the “Chasing Monsters” TV show says it best with his short video “Fishing with Acute Angling”.

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