Fiocchi Top Sponsor! Anteris Alliance Try & Buy in Conjunction with SHOT – 19 JAN

All –

I wanted to reach out and personally invite you to register to attend the Anteris Alliance Try & Buy event, which Fiocchi has grabbed the top Medal of Honor Sponsorship for.  We are still seeking a few companies who may want to co-sponsor with us as we have a large volume of space and need some firearms, targets, optics, etc so would be open to anyone who would like to get in on that top sponsorship with us at a fraction of the price.  This is all day 19 Jan, the Sunday of SHOT week, so it is a great place to launch products, and make a splash prior to SHOT week. 

My understanding is that media will be vetted so need to be personally invited by a sponsor or other exhibiting sponsor, or have attended in the past.  You may receive an invite directly from the Alliance network but wanted to get ours out to all of our great media partners!  Link to register below.

Fiocchi has new products coming to market that are going to shake it up in a big way!  We will have our folks out there conducting demonstrations of those items and to get you all a chance to try them out!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and we hope to see you all at the event!