Firminator: American Made Quality

Firminator: American Made Quality

Combining the best of the old and the new, the folks at Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment apply the latest technology with time-tested American craftsmanship and materials to produce the Firminator, the best food plot implement on earth.

Each Firminator is proudly made right here in the good old USA, at Ranew’s Milner, Georgia plant, home of three manufacturing divisions, a warehouse and 60+ dedicated employees. There, Ranew’s welders and fabricators combine years of experience with high-end tooling to produce rugged, durable components like a 3-inch, heavy wall square tube frame, agricultural grade cast iron cultipacker, 18-inch heavy-duty center ripper and sturdy seed box. Then, Ranew’s painters use top-of-the line powder coat material on automated and manual powder coat lines to produce a durable, superior and attractive finish on the Firminator. Before it can leave the plant and be used to plant, every Firminator is thoroughly inspected by Ranew’s Quality Control Department to insure it meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Even then, the folks at Ranew’s are not content to rest on their laurels, or brassicas. Ranew’s engineers use state-of-the-art CAD software to continually improve and upgrade the Firminator’s design. And as a true testament to American ingenuity, the Firminator combines a heavy-duty disc harrow, an agricultural-grade cultipacker and a precision ground-driven seed system in one rugged, dependable unit that will do all the necessary work of planting a food plot from start to finish. It’s no idle boast; Ranew’s uses positive feedback from the owners of hundreds of Firminators in use around North America to stand behind their claim of the world’s best food plot implement.


  • 3″ heavy wall square tube frame
  • 18″ 9 gauge disc harrow blades on 6″ centers
  • True agricultural grade cast iron cultipacker
  • 18″ heavy duty center ripper
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Heavy plate steel flanges
  • Stainless steel metering shafts
  • Bronze bushings for lubrication and durability
  • Adjustable chain tensioners

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment features the Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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