Firminator Maintenance – Taking Care of Your Equipment

Firminator Maintenance – Taking Care of Your Equipment

The folks at Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment apply the latest technology with time-tested American craftsmanship and materials to produce the Firminator, not only the best, but the most durable food plot implement on earth. But like any tool, it requires the proper amount and type of maintenance if you want optimum long-term performance.

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your Firminator is to store it in a shelter, protected from the elements when not in use. Rain can wash protective lubricants from the seed cups as well as increasing oxidation. Meanwhile, the harmful UV rays of the sun will accelerate aging of the powder coat finish and rubber tires.

Ranew’s also recommends that seed not be left in the seed box for extended periods as seed could absorb and hold moisture blocking the seed cups. Overnight or a few days is fine, assuming you do not allow the seed to get soaked with rain. However, when finished with your planting, remove all seed in the seed box. The recommended method is by using a shop vac so you can pour the vacuumed seed into a container and save it for later use.

Once the hopper is empty, lift the unit with your tractor, open the seed meter to its largest setting, ensure the seed drive is engaged and turn the cultipacker with your foot a few times to remove any remaining seed. Then lubricate the seed cups with a dry lubricant like powdered graphite.

Other routine maintenance consists of keeping the unit clean and lubricated. Wash off excess dirt and dust as needed. Every 15-20 hours your Firminator is used, lube the three greasable bearings on the unit Рone on the seed metering shaft and two on the cultipacker shaft Рwith two or three squirts of a high quality grease.

When finished planting for the season lubricate the seed cups again with a dry graphite lubricant. Remove bottom and side access covers and remove any accumulated dust or debris from within the legs. While the cover is off, lubricate the seed metering chain with quality spray grease. Then, store it in a barn or shed until you need it again. Following these steps will guarantee long-term performance from you Firminator.

Product Features:

Firminator, Model No. 6C

MSRP: $8,500.00

  • Disk angle adjustments include: straight, 5, 10, 15, and 20 degrees
  • Pitch adjustment for lighter or heavier cut
  • Disks can be carried up off the ground for cultipacking
  • Disk blades are heavy, 18-inch, notched 9-gauge steel
  • Disk blades are spaced at 6 inches for more thorough cut with fewer passes
  • Disk blade scrapers prevent mud and vegetation build-up
  • Adjustable center-ripper shank cuts soil margin between center blades
  • Disk axles carried in triple-sealed replaceable bearings
  • Disk axles feature cast-iron spools for weight and durability

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment features the Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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