Firminator Spring Food Plot Tips

Building food plots can require a significant investment in time, money and effort so you don’t want to be wasteful. That’s exactly what you’re doing if you don’t first conduct a baseline survey of existing conditions on your property, and then put together a comprehensive plan to provide year-round nutrition for your wildlife.

Using aerial or satellite imagery for your base map, start by laying out existing cover types and access roads. Then look for the most efficient and effective ways to establish various types of food plots.

Larger, more accessible fields will make better warm-season perennial feeding plots while smaller, more protected areas might be a better option for fast-growing, cool-season annuals in your hunting plots. While you’re doing this you should also be looking for ways your feeding and hunting plots can work in concert rather than independently, like placing hunting plots between feeding plots and bedding areas.

You also need to consider how to maximize existing roads and travel lanes for accessing your plots to work and hunt them.

If you want to hold more and healthier deer on your property you need to provide proper year-round nutrition. This means establishing the right combination of high-protein summer feeding plots, high-carb fall feeding plots, cool-season annual hunting plots and late-winter survival plots.

Each type of food plot requires a different set of tools and techniques for establishment and maintenance, which is why Firminator products offer another great way to save considerable time, money and effort. The Firminator combines a heavy duty disc harrow with a true agricultural grade cultipacker with a precision ground driven seed system capable of planting a variety of seed types all into one unit. You can choose between  4′, 5′, 6′, 8′ and ATV models to suit the specific needs and specifications of your ground and existing equipment.

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