First in the Series Life Member – Olivia Nalos Opre

Meet Olivia Nalos Opre, a Wildlife Conservationist & Advocate, International Hunting Consultant, International Wildlife Conservation Council Member, Television Personality, 2014 SCI Diana Award Recipient, Measurer for B&C, P&Y, Rowland & Ward and an SCI Master Measurer.

Olivia has been an active member of SCI for over 20 years. As she explains it, “After my first African safari in 1998 my father insisted he and I attend our first SCI convention. With a new-found desire to hunt in Africa, I was excited to find a common place for international big game hunters to come together.”

Olivia has been very active on both the national and local level for SCI. “I’ve Appeared in SCI’s ‘Expedition Safari’ TV Show with Mike Rogers Jr. I was the SCI Nebraska Panhandle Chapter Founder & President. I have served as the SCI Public Relations Committee Sub-Chair, SCIF Sables Public Relations Committee Sub-Chair and SCI Austin Conservation Committee Chairman. I’m currently the Diana Award Committee Vice-Chairman and an SCI Mater Measurer.”

When asked what she has seen her involvement with SCI accomplish, Olivia said, “I’ve been able to help to keep enthusiasm, commitment and momentum going with SCI and to constantly encourage others to participate and/or join.”

Olivia’s goals for working with SCI over the next few years include, “Getting the ‘average-Joe’ excited about being a member -it’s the stigma around the name ‘SAFARI club’ that we’re still battling to overcome, but by working together, we will help shed light on the fact that SCI is ‘first for hunters’ be they average-Joe-hunter or international-Joe-hunter! I also hope to help empower hunters to be confident advocates, understand wildlife matters worldwide and recognize the importance of supporting organizations like SCI to ensure great species continue to proliferate.”

When asked what makes SCI different from other conservation groups and how to get others to join her efforts, Olivia said, “SCI is a group of extremely passionate hunters who relentlessly fight to protect our hunting heritage and international wildlife conservation. Without SCI working in the field and fighting behind the scenes, we could lose wildlife worldwide. People can join me by being fearless in educating anyone about the importance of conservation, or donating time or money, or working behind the scenes to help SCI fight for our rights.”

In conclusion, Olivia says, “SCI and SCIF’s mission is my shared-mission; promoting scientifically-based, well- regulated wildlife management is the core substance of who I am. It’s what I stand for. It motivates me to educate children and adults alike. It’s why I serve the United States Secretary of Interior on the International Wildlife Conservation Council. It’s the reason I advocate on live broadcast worldwide. It is what I give speeches about. It is the motivation behind hosting television shows. It is what I write about in published articles. It is the reason I make my living as a hunting consultant. It was my platform as Mrs. Nebraska 2003. It’s why I’m a member of SCI and the reason I hunt.”

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