Fish Bigger with the Tigress Poseidon Dredge Boom

Lake Worth, Fl. (December 10, 2019) – Get a bigger boat without a trip to the dealership with the Poseidon Dredge Boom. 

Tigress Outriggers & Gear’s XD Poseidon Dredge Boom makes your center console punch way above its weight class. The XD Poseidon Dredge Boom allows you to pull a much larger spread to cover more ground and put more fish in the box. The extended length and rock-solid construction let you pull a double or triple dredge all the way down in clean water, giving you the edge you need to raise finicky or boat-shy fish.

The XD Poseidon Dredge Boom can pull more than any other dredge on the market thanks to the 7′ black fiberglass boom, 3/0 Folbe heavy-duty block pulley, and 316 stainless steel hardware. The Poseidon can easily handle the heaviest of dredges, and it can shrug off the abuse competitive fishing in the seas can dish out.

Give your spread another dimension, nearly hands-free. Built to fit a #48o pound class bent butt, the Poseidon works perfectly with LP or Hooker electric reels to automate spread management. Spend more time fishing and less time rigging with the XD Poseidon Dredge Boom.

Tigress’ best-in-class dredge makes your center console fish like a much larger vessel. Get the performance you need to put fish in the box, and get that podium finish with the XD Poseidon Dredge Boom.

Tigress XD Poseidon Dredge Booms feature: 

  • Makes smaller center consoles fish like the big boats
  • Out pulls any other dredge on the market
  • 7′ black fiberglass boom
  • 3/0 Folbe heavy-duty block pulley
  • Ideal for LP or Hooker electric reels
  • Fits #4 80 pound class bent butt rods
  • 316 stainless steel hardware
  • Comes with 14′ nylon safety tether with 316 stainless steel carabineer

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