Fisher Space Pen Partners with TrueTimber® Camouflage, Driftwood Outdoors and ExpertVoice to Kickoff 2020

BOULDER CITY, Nevada – Fisher Space Pen Co. announces three major partnerships to continue momentum in the outdoor/shooting/hunting space and solidify its commitment to these markets. Fisher Space Pen will feature a dedicated TrueTimber camouflage line of pens sure to appeal and perform for the avid outdoorsperson. They have also partnered with ExpertVoice to bolster their retail presence and performance and have employed Driftwood Outdoors as brand ambassadors.   


Fisher Space pen has tapped ExpertVoice to help grow sales, create consumer trust and build the brand. The benefits of more knowledgeable retail sales people and having more experts familiar with Fisher Space Pen will drive growth for Fisher Space Pen in all categories.


Brandon Butler and Nathan “Shags” McLeod at The Driftwood Outdoors podcast entertain and inform listeners with a mix of outdoors, conservation and humor. The team will help spread the news about Fisher Space Pen’s 2020 line-up.

“Expert Voice and Driftwood Outdoors are great partners of ours and I am excited for what they will do for our brand,” said Joshua Skidmore, Fisher Space Pen National Sales & Marketing Manager. “I also look forward to launching our TrueTimber camouflage options. We have a great history of innovative products and strong sales, but these experts are dialed into audiences and channels that, when coupled with exciting new products, should really take us to a new level.”


The NEW TrueTimber Strata Space Pen line allows all outdoor enthusiasts to bring their passion from the field into their everyday lives, sharing their love for the outdoors with family, friends and co-workers. The TrueTimber Strata pattern is available on the TrueTimber Strata Camouflage Wrapped Backpacker Key Ring Space Pen, and on the TrueTimber Strata Camouflage Wrapped Bullet Space Pen. For a retractable pen, check out the TrueTimber Strata Camouflage Wrapped Cap-O-Matic Space Pen. Attendees at SHOT Show can find the TrueTimber Fisher Pens at booth 10332.


The new non-reflective, matte black Cap-O-Matic with the LE Blue Line printed down the face of the Space Pen’s clip and barrel shows our support for law enforcement and the work they do.  These are designed with officers in mind, but are also great for family members, or anyone who supports our law enforcement community. SHOT Show attendees can Fisher Pens at the Pop-Up Preview, 61904 (PopUp).

“Law enforcement, military and outdoorspeople have been some of our biggest customers,” said Skidmore. “It gives us pride knowing they select us when it matters most. Whether it’s keeping our communities and citizens safe, or writing field notes high on a mountaintop—we know our pens will perform.”


The Tradesman is the newest addition to the Fisher Space Pen Cap-O-Matic family.  After years of adoration by the light industrial and construction industries, Fisher Space Pen brings to you the most durable and reliable writing instrument on any job site!  The construction yellow finish makes this pen the easiest tool to spot on the job site, or in your truck or your toolbox.  It stands out from 100 feet away, clear as day. Fisher Space Pens will also be on display at Industry Day at the Range at booth NS-18.


When manned space missions began, astronauts had a problem finding writing instruments that would function properly and safely in space. Paul C. Fisher, then president of the Fisher Pen Company, developed his patented pressurized ink cartridge that allows ink to flow in zero gravity. NASA astronauts began using the Fisher AG-7 Anti-Gravity Space Pen aboard the Apollo 7 Mission and Fisher Space Pen has been used on all manned space flights since.

The full lineup and additional new products are available at

About Fisher Space Pen 

Fisher Space Pen Co. is a family-owned company proudly manufacturing Made in America products. The company was invited to the 2019 White House Made in America Showcase and was featured on FOX Business’ Mornings with Maria. In 2018, it celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the maiden flight of its iconic AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen aboard NASA’s Apollo 7 Mission on October 11, 1968. The company was featured on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir’s “Made in America” series. Watch video. Learn more at