Fishing The Sport That Always Gives Back

Fishing The Sport That Always Gives Back

Jackson, Wis. (Mar. 29, 2019) – The 20th anniversary Brian “Bro” Brosdahl Road Show has come to a close. Another Frabill Bro Road Show is in the books and this year’s grand prize winner reminds us what fishing is really about.

“In honor of the 20th anniversary, we decided to make this year a little different, said Chris Russell, Marketing director for Frabill. “We invited people to come and Meet the Bro all winter long, and by doing so, or following along on social media everyone had a chance to enter for a trip to Beat the Bro too. We gave away three monthly prizes of Frabill gear and one grand prize trip to Bro’s home waters. We are so happy a guy like Tim won the grand prize. He was so excited when I called him. Tim couldn’t wait to make the trip. He didn’t think it was real at first, then he said, ‘I’m taking my bro Wayne with me!’”

Tim Johnson was a regular fisherman who didn’t think it could happen to him. “Liking, posting, and sharing on Facebook actually worked,” said the 40-year-old from Detroit. Johnson was the winner of the Bro Road Show grand prize, an ice fishing trip and a chance to Beat the Bro. However, for Tim, he saw this as an opportunity to give back.

Tim has been an avid ice fisherman going on three years and credits his recent love affair to fellow angler and friend Wayne. Since 2016 Tim has been soaking up all the knowledge Wayne has to offer. Tim also studies the ways of the “Bro” through video and makes yearly visits to the Novi Ultimate Fishing Show to see “Bro” in action. But this year he got much more than a demonstration.

The week of the trip was the coldest week of the season. It was 42 below the night before they arrived. Thirty minutes north of Deer River, Minn. on Cedar Lake, Tim and Wayne were in awe of the “Bro’s” abilities, all his Frabill gear, and outlandish Toyota Track vehicle. Walleye, largemouth, and perch all made appearances during the trip. Over 100 fish were caught and many lessons learned, but none more appreciated than the chance to give back. “The best part was I got to share it with my best friend,” said Tim. “He’s invested so much time in me; I felt it was a great way to pay him back.”

“The sun came out, the fish went nuts, and then it was over,” Brian “Bro” Brosdahl said. Day two of the trip Tim would prove triumphant. A monster bass stole the show and had “Bro” admitting defeat, “Tim, you beat the Bro today.”

Not only did Tim win the grand prize fishing trip and beat the “Bro,” but he got to take home some of the best Frabill ice fishing offerings. A Bro Hub ice shelter, big enough for Tim, Wayne, and another one of their friends, two Pro Thermal Tip-Ups, and an Arctic Fire Tip-Up. Tim also received an Arctic Fire Spin Ultra Combo, 30″ Bro Series Combo, and one of Frabill’s tackle bags. What Tim likes most about his Frabill gear, “Quality equipment made by quality people,” Tim said.

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