Fix It Sticks Introduces A Cleaning Rod Kit For Their Innovative, Modular Firearms Maintenance Systems

Chicago, IL- Fix It Sticks, the industry innovator of modular firearms maintenance tools and torque limiters has introduced a Cleaning Rod Kit for the Fix It Stick System.  This new kit greatly expands the functionality of Fix It Sticks by integrating a six-piece cleaning rod and bore obstruction removal tools into their modular system of handles, tools and torque limiters.  With the addition of the Cleaning Rod Kit, the Fix It Sticks system is perfect for maintenance in the field, at the range or on the bench.

The Cleaning Rod Kit features six threaded cleaning rod sections precision machined from stainless steel.  This cleaning rod accepts common 8-32TPI cleaning rod implements such as bore brushes, jags, bore mops, etc.  The included interchangeable brass adapters protect the rifle’s bore.  The Cleaning Rod Kit also comes with both 22 and 30 caliber bore obstruction removal tips.  These can be critical to keep a firearm in service when out in the field if a bullet is stuck in the lands and grooves or debris from a fall clogs the barrel.   The handle attachment has features found on premium cleaning rods like dual ball bearing rotation and stainless steel construction. This allows the cleaning rod and attachments to smoothly follow the bore’s rifling.  The cleaning rod handle attachment works with either the original Fix It Sticks two piece handle system, or the new Modular T-Handle.

The Cleaning Rod Kit rod assembles to 44 inches to handle almost any rifle barrel and comes in carrying case that securely holds all the implements.  This new addition to the Fix It Stick product line has an MSRP of $112 and is now available.