The Optimizer Scope X Brings Simplicity, Quality and Accuracy to Your Crossbow this Hunting Season

Wisconsin Rapids, WI – Archery technology leader HHA™ Sports is widely known for their single-pin bowsights that lead the industry in sales year after year. With the Optimizer Scope X series of crossbow scopes, that same quality and accuracy can make your crossbow more accurate than you ever imagined.

Have you noticed how most modern crossbow scopes are cluttered by multiple crosshairs? Those multiple crosshairs are meant to act like the pins on a multi-pin bowsight, but can quickly clog your field of view. Not to mention what can happen in the heat of the moment. The Optimizer Scope X 3×32 scope features a single crosshair in the illuminated L-4 Hybrid reticle. The 3×32 scope is made exclusively for HHA by Hawke Optics to HHA Sports exacting specifications. The 3-9×40 model uses a Vortex Optics scope and has a V Brite illuminated reticle. Both scopes are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and have fully multi-coated optics. The scopes are nitrogen-purged and are water and fog proof.

HHA designed both models of the Optimizer Scope X to work with the Optimizer Speed Dial. The Speed Dial is CNC machined from aluminum and is 100-percent Made in the USA. The Speed Dial features HHA Sports’ Range. Dial. Shoot. Technology that offers to-the-yard accuracy. You simply sight in the crossbow at 20 yards and at 60 yards. The Speed Dial comes with 48 pre-printed tapes to match up to most modern crossbows. You can honestly expect to get 2-inch groups at 60 yards! It weighs just 7-ounces and is backed by HHA Sports’ 100-percent Lifetime Guarantee.

The 3×32 model is perfect for most whitetail deer hunting conditions and provides a clear, unclutter sight picture for hunters looking to make the perfect shot. HHA Sports knew that some hunters want more magnification, especially critical for making longer-range shots on game such as when pronghorn hunting on the open plains and brush country.

The Optimizer Scope X is available with the Optimizer Speed Dial. The 3×32 Scope X kit retails for $379.99. The 3-9×40 Scope X kit is available for $429.99 for hunters looking for added magnification options. For hunters just looking for the Scope X without the Optimizer Speed Dial, it is available for $189.99. See your local HHA Sports dealer for more information, or to try out an Optimizer Scope X for yourself to see how it really is the simplest way to supreme accuracy.

About HHA Sports
For more than 30 years, HHA Sports has been the leader in single pin technology producing superior sights and accessories for archers. With a passion for the outdoors, the company’s development team has created a line of products rich with exclusive features – from its patented R.D.S. technology to its A.R.M.O.R. Pin Technology – that set the brand apart from all others. With an eye firmly fixed on detail, HHA Sports is committed to creating the most highly functional gear. Products are all Made in the USA and backed with a 100 percent lifetime warranty. All this means whether you are scaling some of the world’s toughest terrain on a hunt, or shooting for gold in a championship round; you can always expect the very best, most accurate shooting from HHA Sports. For more information about HHA Sports, visit: