Four New Shooting Competition Targets added to Birchwood Casey® Dirty Bird® Line of Paper Targets

Competitive rifle and pistol shooters now have several new targets to pick from in the new additions to the Dirty Bird® line from Birchwood Casey®. Dirty Bird targets offer great value and maximum reactivity to shots. Any bullet strike on a Dirty Bird target is instantly recognized by the shooter, even at a distance. The Dirty Bird durable, non-adhesive target material can be mounted virtually anywhere and is equally well suited to indoor and outdoor use.

The four new targets are a great option for shooters to use when practicing for competitions.

The four new targets include an 8-inch, 50-yard Small Bore Target perfect for 22 rimfire calibers that is made in competition dimensions for practice. There are 25 targets in each package.

A 12-inch, 25-yard pistol Dirty Bird target is competition size and features contrasting reactive colors to help shooters instantly see their hits. These targets come packed 12 per package.

Air gun competitors will like the Dirty Bird 12-inch, 10-meter Air Rifle target. It is designed like Match Competition targets and also features contrasting reactive colors in the 12 target spots printed on the target. There are 12 targets packed per package.

Rounding out the new line of Dirty Bird targets is a 17.75-inch 100-yard High Power Target. These targets are also made to competition size and have contrasting reactive colors for quick shot placement recognition. The targets come packed 5 to a package.

Suggested retail price is $12.99 per package of targets.

To make practice more fun and quicker to see hits, shooters should check out these new Dirty Bird Targets from Birchwood Casey.

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